Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Rebuffed by the Journal Times

The best news source in Racine is the Racine Journal Times. Largely this is because of a lack of competition. Blogging can and will change the equation. At some point the leadership at the JT may understand that they no longer can maintain a monopoly on local news delivery. The Racine area would benefit greatly if the Journal Times would embrace, and even recruit, writers with a more diverse range of perspectives.
I have recently expressed interest in writing for the Journal Times, hoping to write with greater frequency, and for more money, than I have over the past two years. I believe that I could help the Journal Times become a better paper. I was rebuffed, and budget restraints were the reason given. Fair enough. But I pressed on. I was interested in knowing if the JT could ever, conceivably hire someone like me. And for those of you unfamiliar with my writing, I like to confront difficult issues straightforwardly and courageously, come what may. I have since made efforts to meet with the JT staff. Meeting one, with the opinion editor, was cordial, but he indicated that he does not hire new writers. So I made two attempts to meet with the editor who does hire new writers. The first request was apparently forgotten, the second request resulted in a proposed meeting, wherin said editor never showed up or called. I have concluded that I have received the answer that I was seeking. The Journal Times is not the least bit interested in what I have to offer.
With my options therefor limited, I have decided to blog.


realdebate said...

They ignored me too. I have to dispute the JT being the best source of news though.

Brenda said...

Their loss is our gain, Denis. I look forward to reading more from you; your op-ed pieces in the Journal were one of the few things I looked forward to reading.

Anonymous said...

The JT is the "best" news source? I would hardly call the mostly one-sided reporting of the JT news. I think that your column was one of the few things worth reading in the JT. I thought that it was very informative and very well written.Please do not feel dejected. With the budget restraints of the JT and the dawning of the blogging era do not despair. I'm sure that we will still get glimmers of Dennis Navratil's writings in the JT...Why pay a "penny for your thoughts" when you could rip them off from blogs for free?:)

Anonymous said...

Please do not send the spelling police for me!! I meant to write Denis and not Dennis. No disrespect intended. My apologies.

Peter said...

The Urinal Times is the ONLY newspaper in town ... unfortunately by definition that makes it the best.

Denis Navratil said...

Thank you all for your kind words. Kathy, maybe we can make a deal. You can write Dennis instead of Denis, as long as you are willing to ignore the many spelling mistakes that I am sure to make. As for the JT, I don't intend to purposely burn a bridge there. I may still feel compelled to submit commentaries from time to time. I hope they will continue to print them. But I suspect the relationship might become a bit strained, as I will certainly be critiquing their performance now and again. I am thankful for the opportunity that they have given me.

Anonymous said...

Denis,or Dennis,...Mr. Navratil,
I think we have a deal. As for your comments regarding the JT. I would like to say to you that,"You're so nice.":)

Advocate For Success said...

I have to admit that I'm not yet internet savvy ... this is the second attempt at posting.

I cannot express loudly enough my thanks for all you've attempted on our collective behalf. I applaud your restraint - which I am lacking. I unfortunately find the process of speaking to issues through the media available to be too taxing and usually end up recoiling into satire to keep myself from exploding because of all the sophomoric attitudes.

I have friends in the JT staff and they assure me that the problems exist due to the extreme leftist baggage being carried by those who hold reign on this paper. This, obviously, is to the detriment of our community. I have always felt that people in podium positions have a duty to leave personal agendas at home.

I cannot be sure I can deliver what is the essence of my intent today. I have been too frustrated for too long - and this is the first outlet for me. I have already been censored by the JT Staff for trying to expose their bias in reporting, and there disservice to this community - which needs some serious reporting.

The fact that they allowed you to be a "TOKEN" advocate for responsible reporting, is consistantly undone by their framing issues so as to make you look like an extremist, and therefore reducing any real affect your considerate effort might afford Racine.

I have resigned to the reality that we cannot truly change things outside our reach global, federal, or state ... which fortunately implies that on a local level we probably can see some change if we can get a turn at the podium without equivocations by those in charge.

RUSD is probably the most critical item on the agenda ... it has been allowed to become an unmanageable conundrum. I, like yourself (though I won't speak for you), believe the only hope is to have a paradigm shift in where we are headed. It is not because there aren't people who care or aren't working hard to solve these issues ... it is because we are mired in a process which innundates real success. We need to start over.

I'll try to expound more clearly as time goes on ... but as I said earlier, I haven't your restraint, and the fire in my desire to see so many things get corrected is overwhelming me at this time.

Just consider me an Advocate For Success ... and someone who appreciates your effort, and will hopefully compliment it going forward.

Denis Navratil said...

To advocate for success. What a great post! I look forward to your thoughtful contributions. I also am not internet savvy in the least. For example, I don't know how to link to other media sources which I might like to comment on. Nor do I know how to allow anonymous responses. I share your view that local issues are most within our means to influence. So let us work together to address them. By the way, I thought your post was restrained. Believe me, there are plenty of times that I want to launch into attack mode, but I believe in the end it is counter productive and needlessly polarizing. Let your opponents win the war of insults. Let us win the war of ideas. Thanks again.

Advocate For Success said...

I believe the most important factors in correcting our local atmosphere are as follows:

1 - Maintain diligence in our efforts even when the public as a whole seems dispassionate.

2 - Find sources who can articulate in simple terms what the "facts" are for each of our issues.

3 - Improve community involvement via voting and petitioning our authorities.

4 - Force the JT to become a worthy provider of News, or make them irrelevant by showing the public that they are adversaries in our plight, thereby reducing readership to 0.

If we can educate the public, I believe we can accomplish anything. It is overcoming the misguided information that will continue to be our biggest obstacle.

Thanks again for the forum.