Friday, August 29, 2008

VP News, Media Bias

Sarah Palin has been on my radar screen for a few months now. I had heard that she has relentlessly fought the corrupt political culture of Alaska and that she is a pro-life mother of five.

But now, after listening to the mainstream news , I have learned that she is a former beauty queen who hunts moose and owns an airplane.

The contrast between the mainstream media and alternative news sources couldn't be more apparent.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Life Not Fair

"One day, around the campfire, we decided, in a just world no one should have two homes until everyone has at least one" writes Kim Hunter of Burlington to the Journal Times.

Kim goes on to write that she has a master's degree. Did they discuss, around the campfire, whether Kim should have been allowed to pursue a master's degree when not everyone has a high school education?

And Kim would be living in her car were it not for her parents who are subsidizing her income. Kim, do you realize that some people are orphans without even a bicycle?

Stop yer bitchin Kim. Get back to work and reconsider your communist philosophy.

Oh, and one more thing. Your campfire was spewing CO2 into the air.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

VP News

In an obvious nod to English speaking soap users, Barrack Obama today picked the clean and articulate Senator Joe Biden as his running mate.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Defending a Question

Apparently some prominent local individual(s?) recently asked a forbidden question, prompting Racine County supervisor and Racine Parks director Donnie Snow to respond in a JT commentary entitled "Defending a race, setting an example." The question: "Where are the African American men?"Given the disproportiate incidence of violence perpetrated by black boys and men and other pathologies in our community, I think it is a fair question and one we all should consider.Unfortunately Donnie Snow reacted far too defensively to make a meaningful contribution to this discussion. Snow is a single father and a product of a single mother. He turned out OK, he gathers with other positive black men that are part of the solution etc... and he "refuse(s) to let anyone lump all black men and bring them down to the lowest, most mean-spirited stereotypes."Of course there are positive, decent, concerned, caring, and responsible black men in Racine and elsewhere. There are also far too many who are irresponsible and inclined towards criminal activity. By the way, I think this is a problem that exists outside the black community as well. However, the problem is more pronounced and obvious in the black community.Why can't we talk about the problems facing the black community? Why is Donnie Snow so defensive? When can we have a discussion without being accused of "lumping all blacks together" or contibuting to "mean-spirited stereotypes" or in other words, without being accused of racism?

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Addicted to Government

Like most humans, Mayor Becker has vices. And like most liberals, he thinks there is a government solution to his problems. "Being a smoker,I'm for a statewide ban" (on smoking in public places) he says. "It might also help push him to quit smoking or at least cut back" he said in a Journal Times article today.

I have vices also. But they are my problem, not yours. Or at least they ought to be.

This is a key difference between liberals and conservatives. Liberals believe in collective responsibility while conservatives believe in individual responsibility.

I wish Mayor Becker well in his battle with his cigarette addiction. But it should be his battle, not yours or mine.

Friday, August 01, 2008

Question of the Day

Why is it legal to work for $8 per hour or $0 per hour but illegal to work for $4 per hour?