Thursday, August 28, 2008

Life Not Fair

"One day, around the campfire, we decided, in a just world no one should have two homes until everyone has at least one" writes Kim Hunter of Burlington to the Journal Times.

Kim goes on to write that she has a master's degree. Did they discuss, around the campfire, whether Kim should have been allowed to pursue a master's degree when not everyone has a high school education?

And Kim would be living in her car were it not for her parents who are subsidizing her income. Kim, do you realize that some people are orphans without even a bicycle?

Stop yer bitchin Kim. Get back to work and reconsider your communist philosophy.

Oh, and one more thing. Your campfire was spewing CO2 into the air.


Anonymous said...

"Working people are just mobile ATMs for the government - and criminals."

Anonymous said...

. . . OK I bit and actually read that letter. This gem stood out for me:

"If McCain thinks people making $4 million are just getting by, imagine the below-basement Hades where I lived."

Yes, that is exactly what McCain meant. Is it also true that the Obamessiah's definition of rich is "anyone with a job"?

smallgovsam said...

Liberty has never guaranteed equality of circumstances.

It is fundamentally subversive to sacrifice freedom, liberty, and property rights on the alter of equality.

Discriminator said...

Good points in this post. The gullible dull one that you addressed demonstrates that via affirmative action people with very low IQ's and defective thinking, can not only get into college but advance from one degree to another. I have met many individual with masters degree's (all female or non-White) that clearly had below average IQ's. I was able to test their intelligence in some cases and was shocked at their stupidity. The more education they recieve the less they know. Their minds are filled with garbage and when it comes to independent rational thought they are lost. They can only parrot what they have been taught. Even then they are often ignorant and just passed on for politically correct reasons.

Anonymous said...

there are many good blogs, but unfortunately yours is a haven for bigoted posts and responses. I learn nothing by reading your blog. I won't be back

Peter said...

The sniveling whine of the letter writer earned our Idiot Letter of the Day.

Mommy and Daddy should kick her out of the house and stop paying her bills.