Tuesday, June 20, 2006

All is not lost

I just read a JT letter to the editor submitted by 15 year old Sam Braun of Walden III High School. Braun lectured Racine voters on their "yes" vote on the recent referendum. He pointed out the futility of pouring more money into RUSD. Along the way he cited John Stossel, pioneering economist Adam Smith, and the Harvard professor Caroline Hoxby who has studied the Milwaukee voucher program. This young lad is well on his way. He can see through the BS that is fed to his peers. I do wonder who has influenced the thinking of this young man. My hope is that his conclusions are his own. I do not suspect, even for one second, that a RUSD teacher has suggested any of the reading material that he has cited. I will gladly apologize to the RUSD teacher if my assumption is mistaken. Congratulations Sam Braun.

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