Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Courage and Liberalism

Recently the Journal Times editorial board strongly urged State Representative Robin Vos to demonstrate courage by supporting commuter rail. I find this amusing.

If there was a Who's Who in Racine, virtually all of them would support commuter rail. The JT is a strong advocate. The Johnson companies support commuter rail and pay for the lobbying effort. RAMAC favors commuter rail. All of Racine's vocal lefties support commuter rail. Does it really take courage to go with the flow and support commuter rail?

I am reminded of my own path from moderate lefty to principled libertarian. The intellectual transition came first and was far easier. Questioning or challenging liberal orthodoxy takes courage. If you find yourself on a similar path, be prepared for strained or severed relationships.

Now there are some places where extolling the virtues of liberalism would indeed take courage. I think the Journal Times editorial staff should go on a field trip to Afganistan or Saudi Arabia. They should demand equal rights for women. They should demand that gays be permitted to marry. They should demand religious freedom in Iran.

Perhaps then they might learn the proper meaning of the word "courage."

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Anonymous said...

Honestly...the RJT is a joke. I couldn't believe this editorial when I read it. I have an idea...how about those who think it is such a fabulous idea pay for it. I am sure J&J can afford it.