Monday, September 17, 2007

Why Pass a Budget?

I am not sure why Republicans would even want a new state budget. I have no reason to believe that it would be any better than the one we have now, given what I have been hearing from our local Repubs, such as Robin Vos. Remember, if we don't pass a new budget, we just extend our current budget. If we don't pass a new budget, Republicans can accurately say that we have a budget that does not raise taxes. Furthermore, a new budget would allow Governor Doyle to make any budget changes that he pleases with his unchecked veto powers. Have we forgotten that Doyle raided the highway fund to fund schools all by crossing out large sections of the budget. Given a new budget, Doyle could include the Healthy Wisconsin nonsense, if he wanted to, by using the same trick. We shouldn't give him that opportunity. Don't pass a budget. Our current one is bad enough.


Brenda said...

But what about all those kids in K-12 education? Our schools need the money!

You heartless bastard...


wayne said...

Stand Fast GOP!

Real Debate said...

You have to do something with education and community funding or those entities will raise property taxes through the roof.

Brenda said...

It appears they have come to an agreement on funding K-12 education, so they have dodged that bullet with what 11 days to spare.

Now that we can all breathe a sigh of relief and knowing that the schools will actually have money to stay open (LOL), I have little faith the rest of the budget will be passed in its current form.

Budget, we don't need a stinking budget!

Caledonia Unplugged said...

Brenda, unfortunately only the Assembly has approved the K-12 spending compromise - still has to go to the State Senate and then Doyle. Hopefully they'll pass it as well and get it done in time, but knowing that group, I won't hold my breath! ;^)

And real debate has nailed it - without a state budget to distribute shared revenue funds (Caledonia, for example gets almost a million) these local taxing entites would go berserk.

Concerend for Caledonia said...

From all indications, AB-506 School and Municipality funding is DOA at the Senate doorsteps.

The Senate, according to Robson, has no intentions of taking up the bill and the Governor has alluded that he won't sign a piecemeal budget.

If that is true, then we still are not out of the water yet.

Maybe they can pass tax levy limits so the local folks cannot arbitrarily raise property taxes whether or not they receive shared revenues.

Now, wouldn't that make for an interesting local budget session!

Brenda said...

Thanks, CU ! I did notice I jumped the gun right after I posted.