Sunday, November 04, 2007

Accomplishments I'd Like To Know

I believe I have blogged once before on the subject of serial award collector Corinne Owens, but I feel compelled to do so once again. Owens is in the news again and like last time, I am still left wondering what it is that she has accomplished and why it is that she receives so much recognition. She was interviewed in the JT's "People You Should Know" series.

When asked "Why is what you've done important" Owens answered "Because it's all designed to help others."

Very well. My questions are as follows:

1) What has she designed?
2) Was it designed well?
3) Did it help others?
4) Who did it help?
5) How did it help them?

I know it is heresy in Racine to ask questions about Corrine Owens, but I will keep asking until someone can answer.

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Denis Navratil said...

FYI, Ken Lumpkin at the Insider News has dedicated an issue of his newspaper to Owens and has included much material that I had never read before. Thanks Ken. Clearly Owens is a well intentioned, detrimined, and brave individual who successfully took on the blatantly racist institutions and practices around Racine and elsewhere, to which she deserves credit. Even so, I find the nearly constant stream of awards to be almost comical. What we should be doing is exploring the notion of whether Owens work is done or not. In that sense I mean, is it primarily racism that is holding back black people, or is it self inflicted wounds and liberal enabling that is presently causing the harm.