Wednesday, June 10, 2009

RUSD Test Results Form Letter

An insider at RUSD headquarters has forwarded to me the following test results response form letter. Take a look.

For immediate release to media.

The (insert test name) results are in and we are very excited here at RUSD headquarters. We have shown improvement in (choose one: 5th grade math scores, 8th grade reading scores, graduation rate) at several of our schools. We believe (insert latest reform effort here) is beginning to pay dividends. We remain concerned with (choose one: truancy, 8th grade math scores, 5th grade reading levels) at this time. We are (choose one: cautiously optimistic, hopeful) about our prospects for continued improvement. Yet we recognize that we have (choose one: more hard work to do, a tough road ahead of us).


(insert latest superintendent name here)

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Urban Pioneer said...

I believe the form is automatically Speed dialed via Fax to all of the local media, and is e-mailed to all of the teacher union employees, for purposes of having ready access to talking points...