Saturday, August 22, 2009

Support Slipping Silently

Liberals and conservatives alike know that I like to talk politics. Hardly a day went by without somebody pointing out what a boob President Bush was at the time.

I realized yesterday that no liberals are talking to me about President Obama. None. The subject never comes up. Never.

I heard all the time during the election that he was going to be a great president. I think I would be hearing from liberals if they were pleased with Obama thus far. But I hear nothing.

I wonder if support for Obama is silently slipping among liberals. I suspect that it would be a bit of an embarrassment to admit as much to a conservative. Liberals have invested heavily, psychologically and otherwise, in Obama. It is going to be a hard fall.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Obama! Since April, all my liberal "friends" have gone into hiding. Have not seen a one. No calls, no emails, no visits. They no longer waste my time at work or home. Life is good.

Urban Pioneer said...

The President who rode in pretending to be a Moderate..Is also the same guy who "READS" speeches brilliantly. But has demonstrated every time his words aren't written for him he can't keep his thoughts organized. Every time he opens his mouth his Approval rating drops 1%. He and his party are reacting to "community organizers" who don't agree with them by calling them Nazi's and other such epitaph's.

What we have learned is that a guy who NEVER had a regular job, never flipped a burger, never swept a floor or worked as a clerk. Is now telling business how to run themselves. GM, Fiat, the Bank's and demonizing every successful business person as greedy. "Share the Wealth ", he told Joe the Plumber. So the response of the successful people in America is to close their wallets, pull their investments out of this country and re-invest them in other countries. What the, not so moderate Pres. Obama, doesn't understand is that money is liquid and is not contained within the wall of the US borders..So if we want to be successful with new investment and growth in our country we need to CUT taxes, control spending, lower Govt. restrictions at every level and all the liquid money of the world will pour back into the US. But never fear Obama's militant Left will not allow this to happen.

For all of those people who wanted to feel good about voting for "history"..I have one question: How's that "Hopey Changey" thing working for you now?? Yep we got your "History", perhaps the end of the US as the greatest economy in the world. We don't need any more of that "History".

Downtown Brown said...

I recently went on my Summer vacation with my family, all of them took every shot at Bush whenever possible, for years. This year; every once in a while I would throw out a comment about Obama, and NO ONE would respond..except an occasional "well it's not his fault." To which I would reply..that the economy has been Mr. obama's since he took the lead in September of last year. and all of the policies since that time were approved of by Mr. Obama. You might recall the very "Classy" Pres. Bush was in frequent contact with the Obama and McCain campaign's and after Nov. ALL policies were coordinated with the Obama adminstration. (Pres. Clinton didn't do that with the Bush's in 2001).

I am kinda glad to see that Hurricane Bill is heading directly to Martha's Vineyard, where the President's vacation may be "impacted"..LOL. Let's see how the President feels when Hurricane Bill does to his "vacation" what Hurricane Obama's policies have done to the American economy!

The current recession would have been over 6 months ago, if the Obama folks rode into the White house with an "emergency" tax cut, instead of an "emergency" mis-spending of 1 trillion dollar "Stimulus" Bill.
Cash for clunkers..the couldn't even spend 2 BILLION dollars wisely in 30 days. and over the next 2-4 months the Auto dealers will empty again..
BTW the "market" has been getting a little better over the past few attention to this..If the "Health Care/Health insurance/ Co-op", (or what ever they call it next week), plan; If it looks like it's going to pass the market will fall, everyday it looks like the President is losing the market will trend up. It's up now because the President is Losing the argument, which is why they are changing the name every week or so.

So I agree with Denis..the Obamanites are pretty quiet..bu if u push them a little they will lash out at.....Yep yo guessed it..Sarah Palin!! They will say they would've voted for McCain except for "Sarah Palin"..which is just BS.

Anonymous said...

Be nice when we retake the House and of course Madison. However I do fear that Obama has a plan to stop electins

Still for Obama! said...

.."What we have learned is that a guy who NEVER had a regular job, never flipped a burger, never swept a floor or worked as a clerk. Is now telling business how to run themselves..." and George Dubya knows about hard work?! Come on. The guy has rode on the coat tails of the family name since he was born.

no president has ever dumbed down the role of President as Dubya did. He was by far, hands down, the dumbest President the US has ever known. Most republicans distanced themselves from the entire administration, especially those up for re-election and probably had the most defections of any administration.

Obama took the reigns of one of the worst times in the US in decades and the expectation is for him to fix it in 8 months! come on people.

$2 billion for Cash for Clunkers versus $100 billion for TWO never-ending wars that george bush actually declared that we'd won! I'd take Cash for Clunkers all day!

Anonymous said...

Or there might be a simpler answer: they just don't want to deal with you.

Urban Pioneer said...

Hey Still way to respond!!! Dude you nailed me..All of those brilliant achievements by Pres. Obama that you point out in your rebuttal..Man I'm just soooo Pwned!

You are so right on the first seventeen things Pres. O' did and how much better his policies are than the Dumb guy before him....

Oh wait you didn't make any points that were correct at ALL!

W' actually ran several business, none of which were his fathers business, some with more success than others. 100 Billion for 2 never ending wars.. Try a Trillion and one of those wars is done in virtually every regard. The "Surge" which Sen. Obama referred to as a failure, is now the policy Obama is using to win in Afganistan. This President took over 2 auto companies and screwed the stockholders!, fired the CEO, and forced Fiat to buy Chrysler. then he passed a Cash for Clunker program that failed all the way thru..from a poor web-site to verify, to not handing out the money fast enough..and the coming failure over the next several months when Car companies will not be able to sell many cars so we will soon have another Glut of cars, and sales people sitting around with no customers.

Love the point about the number of defections.. not only were wrong on the costs of war, the depth of stupidity as it pertains to W', but defections 1994 look it up, more people switched Party in 1994-95 than any other time in over a hundred years.
So with the exception of making one decision after the next which punishes businesses, and the investor class, and those people have now closed their wallets fo the mean time..and now in just 7 months the Obama's have INCREASED the national Debt by 2 TRILLION just 7 MONTHS!! I'm sorry who is the Smart president??

Anonymous said...

Still for O:

Bush has a Harvard MBA - what have you got?

Tim the Shrubber said...

"I think I would be hearing from liberals if they were pleased with Obama thus far. But I hear nothing."

We may often be at odds with each other, but I agree with you here.

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