Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Make Sense of Census

Yesterday a woman came into my store with a flyer about the importance of the upcoming census. There will be a big push to make sure that Racine's population is fully counted so that we can grovel for more money. But, despite the all out effort to boost our numbers, my guess is that Racine's population decline has not been reversed. My hope is that this will prompt our "leaders" to ask some difficult questions. Such as:

Why is Racine's population declining?
Is it a lack of jobs?
If so, is there something about Racine that deters entrepreneurs?
Does RUSD attract or repel potential inhabitants of Racine?
If the latter is correct, what should we do about RUSD?
Does Racine's property tax rate encourage or discourage a move to Racine?
If the latter is correct, what should we do about it?

There are of course many questions a communtiy should be asking in the face of a declining population. But in my ten plus years here in the Racine area, I have yet to see the issue seriously discussed.

But we have time to pass ordinances concerning the proper number of garage sales a person may have. Could it be that our elected officials are cowards, too afraid to address the real issues that face our community?


Anonymous said...

I can't wait to fill out a census form.
I will be a yellow islander, 83 years old, with only one arm and one leg.
That is sure to get Racine a few extra pork dollars.

Anonymous said...

Elected officials are not cowards -they are like custodians who get hired to clean and perform light maintenance, and after they are hired they decide that they want to engage in international diplomacy.

Urban Pioneer said...

I also spoke with this woman and told her I think it silly to hold this event. and donating resources and money to HALO was countrer productive. people in need should find other places to live. Take your skills with you and get a job earning your keep somewhere else. It's not my desire to chase everyone out of town..My goal is see everyone employed and pulling his/her weight. sitting around waiting for John Dickerts 10 year plan will not feed them or house them. The City Council and the current Mayor don't have a plan to improve our local economy they have a "plan" to ask for help from Prez. Obama!

Anonymous said...

The biggest beggars and by far, hands down, waste of tax payer's money is RCEDC and CATI. They serve no purpose and do absolutely nothing.

How do they benefit the residents of Racine?

Let's get rid of them.

concrete katie said...

The JT today in an editorial presents the case for a Caledonia referundum. Well the City of Racine needs one too because there is no known one plan that taxpayers are aware of. Brian O'Connell has plans, Real Estate people have plans, the DRC has plans etc. but taxpayers continue to be left in the dark. I think of all those yellow dots on the wall while DPW on its own authority (although never elected) makes its deals for State road money and roundabouts....while residents get buried by escalating taxes and escalating services fees. Clear leadership is desperately needed. What is the plan?

Anonymous said...

Don't worry - CATI is developing new technology for this. With a multi-million dollar budgte, CATI staff are about to start a global marketing campaign, visting seventy countries, to tell everyone about it.