Saturday, February 20, 2010

Discriminating Thoughts

Some Carthage students attempted to prevent a speech on campus because, in their view, the speaker opposes homosexuality. The Carthage administration has, wisely IMHO, decided to allow the speech. Some Carthage students are protesting, claiming discrimination.

I am not weighing in here on the morality of homosexuality. Rather, I find it disturbing that large numbers of college students are unable to recognize the difference between disagreement and discrimination.

Free Racine readers who disagree with may assessment will be banned as I will not be discriminated against by the likes of you.


Anonymous said...

Yes, saying that you believe the Bible teaches this or that has turned into "you're persecuting me" or "you hate me". I predict that it will be less than ten years before our benificent Obamanation starts the gears turning to pull the nonprofit status of any church that doesn't teach that homosexuality, etc. are fine.

Anonymous said...

We're all for democracy and free speech until they facilitate things we don't agree with, then our true colors show. This time round its liberals at Carthage, last time it was conservatives at UW-Whitewater (Ward Churchill).

Denis Navratil said...

Free speech and democracy are not the issues here anon 8:33. The failure of college students to recognize the difference between disagreement and discrimination is the issue.

BradK said...


Just as importantly, I think it's good to hear that a number of students merely wanted to ensure they had every opportunity to indeed, disagree, by means of protest. Freedom of Speech in action, from both parties. Not 100% across the board, but still shows that these particular students "get it".

As always,



Denis Navratil said...

BradK, I am all for the students protesting the message. However, according to one article that I read, they tried to get the speakers invitation rescinded. Additionally, they called it discrimination, though no discrimination against gays was proposed.