Saturday, November 20, 2010

Racine's Human Wrongs Commission

Racine's misnamed Affirmative Action and Human Right's Commission is recommending that the city "force contractors to hire more residents from the city's poorest neighborhoods for work on city projects", according to this Journal Times article.

The poor neighborhoods in question are census tracks 1-5, an area with chronically high unemployment and a large percentage of black residents. The Racist Action/Human Wrongs Commission is trying to get the city to hire black people but that would be illegal racial discrimination so they are attempting an end run around the law by requiring hires from predominantly black neighborhoods.

Still we have discrimination - against Racine citizens not in census tracks 1-5 - though the RAHWC will play it off as benign, well intentioned discrimination if they even are asked to address the issue.

Racine contractors should at the very least demand "discrimination waivers" from the city such that they are protected from the legal liability when they are sued by a Racine resident victimized because he lives outside census tracks 1-5.

It is too bad that Racine doesn't have a human rights commission that could do something about this proposed discriminatory legislation.


Anonymous said...

Why doesn't the comm. try to figure out why these individuals aren't being hired, then solve that.

Anonymous said...

Are they applying for jobs? When offered a job do they show up? Do any of the dozens of people on porches down near City Hall at 10:30 AM drinking forties want a job?

Anonymous said...

People from Racine are not being hired because Dickert is using out of the area contractors.

George Meyers said...

This is actually going to drive up the costs of the project due to the extra administrative effort necessary find workers from the reduced size of the labor pool used.

Then what happens if one of these workers doesn’t show? Now the project gets delayed and if the company has to go back to that same pool for the replacement worker…..

I see problems here. At the bottom line it will be taxpayers once again footing the extra costs.

Anonymous said...

City Hall can lead by example.
Do they hire X% from Census Tracts A-F?

Anonymous said...

George. Wrong.

1. This will help drive down costs by opening up project bidding to more competitors. Competition is a good thing, stifling it so only a small few can participate drives costs up.

Very few City projects go out to bid because of the good ole boy system...those days need to end.

2. One person not showing up to work doesn't stop or halt the project one bit. This claim is laughable. If a fry cook doesn't show up for work at Mickey D's do they close down? If a car salesmen calls in sick, does the dealership stop selling cars? of course not.

Anonymous said...

When none of the fry cooks or salesmen show up, yes, they have a problem.

All the best with opening things up to the front porch forty drinkers - the only reason any of them show up is because they are looking for a workers comp claim. Sorry, feeling a little more angry than usual today -