Tuesday, July 12, 2011

An Explanation

I thought I should take a moment and explain the lack of activity, on my part, with this blog. I suspect it is somewhat temporary, but I just haven't been thinking about politics too much lately. Rather, I have been enjoying the good weather, I have been riding my bike in an effort to drop some pounds (15 so far), I have been playing tennis with my son, work has picked up etc.... so I have been ignoring the blog for a bit. But carry on please and I will get back into it again when the spirit moves me.


Anonymous said...

The weather has been good indeed. I made it to the 4th parade; it's been a few years. Excellent patriotism, and the A10 flyover made me proud of the American muscle. No doubt the libs cringed.

It is a sad commentary we can't just enjoy the summer, but the unionistas have hijacked the off-season. Now everyday is a fight with permanant political agenda. The headline today is about protesting the Gov at Gateway ceremony. Not to mention the recall elections. But you have to rise to the level of the losers who don't have the humanity to go home when they lose.

Keeping that in mind, maybe you need a guest blogger. Sean? Not!

Sean Cranley said...

Racine has the best damn 4th of July parade around, bar none. I went to it every from the time I can first remember until we moved out of town.

Now we ussually go to a friends house along the route in Waterford for the parade. It nice, too many trucks and not enough marching bands, but nice, until of course some whacko racists in reaction to the election of a black president think that it's appropriate to display Confederate flags in a Parade celebrating America.

I love America and everything it's supposed to stand for and it makes me proud to be at the parade or to sing the Star Spangled Banner along with the vocalist at the Gateway Celebration/Walker protest. I'm not a loser andf I don't have to go home.

I also find the military fly-overs impressive and inspiring, but of course I understand that it's not muscle, but money and know-how.

People like Ano think they have a monopoly on patriotism. They're not only wrong, but their patriotism weak and hollow. It focuses on symbols and the flag and the belief that if America does it it's right. It loves the country, but not the people that live in it. These kind of "values" are why I oppose, not conservatism, but the Cult of Con fundamentalist faith. It misleads people to belive the kind of crap that Ano actually writes down.

Nemo said...

Proud of the American muscle (the A10 is one of the best) and the brave men and women who drive them. I thank them for their service whenever they're within earshot.

Sean Cranley said...

I love my country, but I also look forward to a time when most people will echo what the great patriot Tom Paine said: "The world is my country, all mankind are my brethren, and to do good is my religion."


Anonymous said...

Your right Sean. I don't love the people who constantly whine, cry and bully others to get their agenda across. It's unseamly. But that's what your side does. I don't have a problem with you other than my eyes tend to get strained from rolling them.

But the unionistas have chosen WI as ground zero for their fight. That explains all the outside money and influence pumping up the recalls. Good for your Utube giggles, I guess, but you aren't converting anyone. And that's my point. Losers usually lick their wounds, and figure out a way to win next time. Since your side can't advance a cogent argument, you just redouble your efforts at making noise. For what purpose?

So the story above the fold is the protest. The Gateway celebration was hi-jacked, and appeared as a smaller story. How is that any different than taking over the capital? Far from being patriotic, it looks a lot more like anarchy. Is that what you really want? Because the rest of us reject it.

Nemo said...

No one here has questioned your patriotism, sean. You, however, have questioned Anon's by characterizing it as "weak and hollow". Since nearly 66 percent of officers in the US armed forces consider themselves Republicans , would you also characterize their patriotism as "weak and hollow"?

"The best government is that which governs least."
-Henry David Thoreau

Anonymous said...

Layoffs or pension contributions? Some still don't (want to) get it and so they protest. Patriots, eh? Not! Other districts and municipalities are flourishing.