Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Imagine a world where -  if your beliefs are insulted by anyone, anywhere in the world - you are justified to fly off the handle, to riot, burn and kill.

It might just start in your local grocery store if a young mother offends her toddlers belief in candy before dinner. Imagine the rampage through the store with poor mom helplessly following behind, apologizing profusely.

Imagine a homosexual couple strolling down the street holding hands. Clearly this could offend the beliefs of those who believe homosexuality is wrong or an abomination. So they get killed.

Of course this would offend the homosexual community who believe they have a right to express there love openly. So they burn down the homes and churches of advocates of traditional marriage.

Then there are those who believe in white supremacy. Those beliefs may well be offended by the very sight of dark skinned people. So they throw rocks at them until they are out of eyesight.

Some believe that white's are oppressing people of color and enriching themselves off the backs of the non-white labor. So they steel the nice car owned by the white guy.

Thankfully, even President Obama doesn't want a world like this. Surely everyone can't act violently with even the slightest provocation. For starters, it would complicate our efforts to celebrate diversity.

It is best that only the Arab street gets to react violently when offended. They can have there own set of rules and expectations. And our job will be to ensure that none of the several billion people on earth do anything to offend the sensitivities of the prickly mobs in the Middle East.

And soon peace will rage throughout our world!

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GearHead said...

Thanks for nothing Denis. Now I've got that crappy image of a bearded Lennon (Lenin?) sitting at the white piano playing that sacred anthem of the nutcase left. Must... remove... Imagine... image... Gaaak!