Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Random Election Thoughts

Random election thoughts in no particular order.

There is an expression that you get the government that you deserve. I worry about what we deserve.

I don't understand how states are called, not that it matters anymore. North Carolina was not called for Romney until he had a 3 point lead with 97% of votes counted, while Ohio was called for Obama despite Romney having closed from a 10 point to a 1 point deficit with some 30% of votes still not counted.

I am used to feeling a sense of alienation after elections, but this is somehow different, worse. Fox News repeatedly mentioned the "browning" of America. Does the rule of law, limited government, fiscal responsibility etc...somehow not appeal to people with darker skin? Yah I'm concerned for our country.

There are more than a few political prognosticators that have lost their credibility.

I will write in Sean Cranley before I ever cast a vote for Chris Christie. If I knew, he had to know that his wet sloppy kiss to Obama's back side would lead every newscast. It wasn't necessary to address the crisis in his state.

Romney went out of his way not to be more aggressive/assertive, lest he lose the woman vote. He lost the woman vote anyway. Could it be that women reward aggressive Democrats while punishing aggressive Republicans? How do they, Republicans,  deal with that?

Romney seems to me a decent, competent, moderate guy. I wasn't excited about him but I can't bring myself to throw him under the bus.

I hope the Republicans in the House don't roll over.


Anonymous said...

I think its a historical day for America. The speed of the changing demographics really concern me.

The Reoublican party needs to hire a global marketing firm to re-brand them from top to bottom. Woman, minorities, young adults have a perception that just became reality Tuesday evening.

Sean Cranley said...

Yup Ano, just the cure that is needed more crafty PR firm concocted GOPropaganda!

Denis, not so random responses.

We don't deserve a government of, by and for the 1% GOPlutocrats.

States are called based on the areas that have already reported and what is known about the voting habits of the areas yet to report. So in your example with 30% of the votes not reported yet, the rural precincts have probably all reported. But the urban areas, especially those with long lines due to Republicon voter supression techiniques of unallocation of voting machines have yet to report. Those votes votes will go over-whelmingly to Candidate A, swamping the 1% difference.

Anyway, the votes are actually counted and certified dispite what the news corporations declare on election day.

The Republicon party has no monopoly on the rule of law and as for fiscal responsibility? GIVE ME A BREAK!

Dark skinned people are more likely to be poor, poor people are more likely to not want their social safety nets yanked out from under them with the cruelty of the likes of Pall Ryand. they are also more likely to be offended by the GOP hatred for a black president, naked attempts to suppress their vote and demonization of brown skinned immigrants.

Yeah GOPrognosticators like Nemo, Gearhead and several others I encountered elswhere on line (See BAP blog).

Thanks for the vote, but Chris Christy was being truthful, doing what amounts to good politics for the governor a devasted blue state who wants to remain governor and/or wants to run for president himself in 2016 and doesn't need the Romster in his way seeking a second term.

The Republicon party lst the woman vote by being stupid enough to say what they really believe about legitimate rape, planned parenthood/womens health issues, banning abortion even for rape, incest and the life of the mother, equal pay, etc.

Romney was only moderate when he was in front of a moderate audience. He was a chameleon candidate, but he was your best candidate, the rest of the primary field where kooks, with the exception of Tim "Yawn" Pawlenty and Gary "Who?" Johnson.

I hope the Republicans in the house compromise and the Republicans in the Senate don't filibuster everything. I know that Obama will compromise and I hope that we can get at least a few things done, because while we were in GOP imposed, politically "inspired" gridlock, the rest of the world in general and China in particular have been moving forward.

Anonymous said...

Dennis -
I think the best thing you could do for your blog is ban Sean's comments.
Your readers probably enjoy comments from various sides of the streets, but Sean is getting a little tiring.

Anonymous said...

No, Denis should not ban Sean's comments. Anyone can make the choice to not read a single word he writes - as I have for years - but people should have the choice.

Sean Cranley said...

Yup Ano, more propaganda AND further insulation from reality are just what you need.

If Denis wants to ban me that's his decision, it's his blog. Of course I would consider that to be the final evidence of ultimate victory, just like when I was banned from "Real Debate" Wisconsin for the inconvenience of shining the light of reason on the whacky fear-mongering conspiracy theories routinely put forth over there by the likes Golfing Grandpa and others.

In the meantime Ano, I suggest that you continue to put your hands over your eyes to protect yourself. Reality is such a bother after all.

Anonymous said...

i think reality has sunk in. people of color, women and young people matter. the grand ol' party of solely white people is begun the decline to extinction

Anonymous said...

the GOP is looking for scapegoats to their massive defeats nation wide, they only need to look to themselves to find the real problems failure to why they had such widespread failure. fear mongering and discrimination are no longer effective political strategies

GearHead said...

@Anos, the GOP isn't going anywhere. In case you didn't notice, we just regained the State Senate. I'm proud of the work we did locally. Now we can continue to reform Wisconsin, and lay down a few firewalls against an obstinant President.

As for banning Sean, his blather is instructive, inasmuch as it's usually as obnoxious as it gets. I think he wanders over here for the attention, being that nobody reads his own blog.

Anonymous said...

"reform" Wisconsin huh? by having a governor involved in an ongoing criminal investigation in which numerous affiliates have sought taking public money out of classrooms and putting into hands of corporations via record setting amount of tax breaks despite our state "being broke"....yea that's reform we can believe in alright. I'll believe that as soon as i believe that the GOP can beat Obama head to head in a presidential election.

Sean Cranley said...

I love it! Gearhead consistently gets facts TOTALLY WRONG, like the 900 Obama executive orders nonsense and the number of uninsured Americans and then dances blithely away in silent ignorance from the documented a sourced corrections and he calls my postings from the reality zone "blather".

Earth to Gearhead, you just got blind sided because your ideological minders at FuxSnooze and the like lied to you, just like they always do. This time it was about landslides and they made you look silly prophetizing on their BS.

Continuing to go back to them for "information" is like being a loyal customer at the butcher shop that continuously sells you beef that has turned.

Sean Cranley said...

Funny thing Gearhead, I'll acknowledge that much more of my writing gets read on facebook groups these days than blogs and not a lot of folks post comments on the Burlington Area Progressives blog. However, the blogger statistics feature (Denis can enlighten you on this if you're not familiar) shows that there have been 55 pageviews so far today, 80 yesterday and 1,511 in the last month. Not too shabby for being read by "nobody".

Just another example of you making statements that you know nothing about and getting it wrong . . . again.

Truth is, I wander over here because I enjoy poking holes in your ideological bubble.

Eric said...

Dennis, during my political science studies down at UW-P one of the things I noticed was that while media prognosticators rush to draw conclusions the day-after an election, the final results of the election don't trickle in for days, sometimes weeks. So this rushing to judgment about changing demographics determining the election outcome is premature. It may be one factor, but I would postulate that candidate skills and campaign organization were the major factors in determining this election's outcome, which in turn affected voter turnout. Candidate Obama and his team outcampaigned candidate Romney and his team. My belief is that Romney would govern better than Obama, but we'll never know, move on.

They say that men reward aggressive men and punish aggressive women - political turn about is fair play?

The electoral victory for the prez was big because he managed to win most of the swing states, albeit with thin margins in several of them, and only garnered 50% of the total popular vote (so far). Let us hope that after all the posturing that's currently going on, we get a deal for tax and entitlement reform. In the meantime I'm going to visit Greece to get a better idea of what will happen if we don't get our collective act together.Yassas.