Saturday, January 25, 2014

Combatting Global Warming

Downtown Racine recently had its annual snow carving competition, which was once again plagued by warm weather and torrential downpours. When will they wise up and schedule the event concurrently with a global warming conference?

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Nemo said...

Please, no more Mann-made global warming conferences in Wisconsin! It's cold enough without adding the Gore effect.

Since the science on Mann-made warming is close to settled, there is no Mann-made warming, the only thing left is to try to deprogram cultists. It's hard to ask a believer to abandon their religion. They will proclaim that 97% of climatologists say amen to more funding and something about ice. The key to a successful intervention is to teach the faithful about the falsifiability of a theory. Weather can help too. We all know that weather has nothing to do with climate (unless it can be twisted to support Mann-made global warming claims), but months of sub-zero temperatures and dwindling propane supplies can erode the dogmas of even the most faithful (Hi sean!).