Saturday, February 15, 2014

Predatory Government

Remember predatory loans?

I never quite bought into that notion, primarily as there wasn't much in it for the so called predator. Homeowner walks, predator is stuck with a house worth much less than before. I would rather be the prey.

Not so with student loans. Loans are made in many cases to naive, financially illiterate youngsters who can't just mail in the diploma and walk.

Why aren't these considered predatory loans? My guess is because it is the government making the loans.


BradK said...

The death of Google Reader has been detrimental to keeping up with you Denis... I'll need to add your RSS to my other page somehow!


Zane Navratil said...

Well I took a good long break there as well. Glad you found me again. Hope you are well.

BradK said...

I'm doing quite well!!! I see you're using Zane's Google account for your commenting :) AH TECHNOLOGY! Keeping it simple!!!!

BTW, I'm now a part-time Gov't employee!!! Would make for an interesting conversation at Toad Hall some day when we're not getting 8 inches of white stuff.....

Zane Navratil said...

It's me, just too lazy to sign out and back in. Yes, let's have one or two when warmer.

Nemo said...

Yeah Brad, good to hear from you again.

I've never really understood the whole "predatory loan" thing. It seems to me if you loan someone money and don't get paid back, you are the one out money.