Friday, May 19, 2006

I Have A Cyber-Stalker

I have a cyber-stalker. He calls himself Boycott. Whenever I participate in online debate about Racine Unified, on the Journal Times weblogs, Boycott is there. Rather than discuss and debate the issues, Boycott has decided to try to intimidate me into silence by urging people to boycott my business. It has gotten to the point that other bloggers have surmised that Boycott must be a disgruntled former employee or a jilted ex-lover of mine.

I think I understand Boycott. He is a socialist. I believe in freedom. Naturally, we would clash. Throughout his many posts at the JT, Boycott has made it clear that he opposes all imports and exports, which would make him an isolationist. He believes passionately in government schools, like RUSD, and he will go to extremes to harm anyone who believes, as I do, in greater freedom for parents to control their childrens' education. I believe that taxpayer funded school vouchers would be the ticket to improving education for Racine's children.

Anyone who follows education issues understands quite well that school vouchers are what teachers unions fear above all else. They understand that vouchers would end their monopoly of education.

Boycott is the PC police, the goon. His job is to intimidate anyone who might endorse greater freedom in education. My readers can rest assured that Boycott will not intimidate me into silence.

But Boycott is not just sending threats to me. He is pre-emptively threatening anyone who might dare to challenge the status quo of RUSD. In this way, he has much in common with extremist Islam, who have successfully threatened our media into silence.

If we are silenced by the extremists of our world, we lose.


realdebate said...

Got your own stalker huh? Welcome to the club!!

Denis Navratil said...

Hey Fred. I have been meaning to tell you something. Your recent questionaire re anonymous blogging was biased because it was only open to people who were not anonymous bloggers. Just thought I would relay that to you. I will sign up to harrass you very soon.

realdebate said...

Get in line.