Saturday, May 20, 2006

Liberal Intolerance

I like liberals. Really I do. I would say that the majority of my friends are left of center. Earlier today I was chatting with my alderman, Keith Fair, who is a Democrat. He introduced me to Cory Mason, a Democrat, who I believe is running for state representative. Cory was friendly. Keith also introduced me to a nicely dressed, proper lady, perhaps in her sixties. Upon meeting me, she became completely unglued. She muttered something about my horrible viewpoints and immediately left without wishing to participate in any discussion, civil or otherwise. My guess is that this terribly rude lady is convinced that she is a tolerant women. Tolerant of all things liberal, I suspect.


realdebate said...

Nice observation.

I have some very good liberal friends. I respect them for being well informed and active in politics. The fact that we agree on almost nothing has no impact on our relationships. We respect each other.

That is the problem with much of the liberal speak out there right now. They have nothing but comtempt.

can't we just play nice? said...

Unfortunately there are people on both sides of the isle who will react the same way this woman did due only to a person's ideology. One only needs to read the JT blogs. I know that both of you have been victims of this many times.

There needs to be more civil discussion, and less personal attacks. More often than not, things degenerate to name calling, while the actual issue falls by the wayside. We can disagree, but still get along.

I realize I'm not telling you anything you don't already know, but it is not only a liberal problem.

Denis Navratil said...

To can't we just play nice, and realdebate: You are correct that there is rudeness on both sides of the ideological divide. However, as I have become more involved in political discussion and debate, I have made a few observations. Conservatives are more likely to find liberals mistaken and even foolish, while liberals are more inclined to think that conservatives are not simply mistaken, but also evil, as in greedy, rascist, homophobic, sexist, etc... No doubt that some conservatives (none that I want to be associated with) may be all of the above, but is sometimes assumed that conservatives MUST be all of the above. For an outstanding book exploring the political divide, read Thomas Sowell's "Conflict of Visions." Thomas Sowell is the most brilliant man in the US with respect to the intersection between politics, economics, race and social issues. Thank you for your contribution to the discussion.

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