Thursday, August 31, 2006

Is John Lehman a Wife Beater?

State Rep. John Lehman, a candidate for the 21st District State Senate seat, denies recent allegations that he beats his wife. "I am happily married" Lehman announced at a packed news conference yesterday. "At no time in my 14 years of marriage have I ever acted in an aggressive manner towards my wife."

Yet extensive research from marriage experts indicates that most wife beaters deny the allegations. "Nobody ever admits to wife beating" chuckled family lawyer Bill Ulater. "Denial and wife beating go hand in hand. John Lehman's denials do not vindicate him, not in the least" Ulater continued.

A search of county arrest warrants and convictions indicate that John Lehman has not been arrested or convicted of wife beating.

"Most incidents of domestic violence are not reported to the police" according to UW Parkside Family Studies Professor Axtwo Grind. "It would not be the least bit unusual for Mrs. Lehman to cower in silence, fearing even more violence if she were to report his crimes. I mean his alleged crimes. At this point we can't be certain that John Lehman has beaten his wife. But we do know that wife beating is America's hidden crisis."

The Racine County District Attorney has indicated a willingness to prosecute any and all wife beaters.

The preceeding faux news story is not meant to damage John Lehman's political ambitions. It is meant to highlight the Journal Times political ambitions. On Wednesday, August 30th, the Journal Times ran a story entitled "Did Mac's bumpers break the law?" Yet the story offers no evidence, none whatsoever, that Bill McReynolds has broken the law. Of course it is true that Bill McReynolds might have broken the law, just as it is true that John Lehman might be a wife beater. But without any evidence to support the theory that McReynolds has broken the law, it is irresponsible, at best, to use the headline suggesting possible lawbreaking. At worst, the use of irresponsible and suggestive headlines is a not-so-subtle attempt by the Journal Times to harm Bill McReynolds while helping his opponent John Lehman. This kind of activity should be limitted to the opinion section of the newspaper.


Brenda said...

I wish I had something more to contribute, but how can I possibly?

You have said it all...

Denis Navratil said...

Thanks Brenda. I appreciate your remark. As a fellow blogger, I suspect you also are glad to know that you have at least some readers.

Cris Wallace said...

I disagree, there is evidence that Bill McReynolds broke the law.

From the article:
Tuesday the board's legal counsel, Jonathan Becker, said it would have been improper if McReynolds "had made or influenced the decision for his department to do business with his company as sheriff." Becker cited Wisconsin statute 19.59.

As the boss, you don't think that he influenced the decision? and i do believe that technically that would've been against the law.

Plus it seems that some of the contract amounts were over $1000--minus the necessary bidding process that is supposed to be triggered for contracts of that amount. Also, um, against the law

can't spell denis navratil without the letters n-a-i-v-e

Denis Navratil said...

To cris wallace: OK, then, let us follow your logic. McReynolds has broken the law because, as Sheriff, he must have "influenced" the purchasing decision. If it is obviously the case, as you argue, that the boss will always influence the decision of the subordinate, then ANY sale by McReynolds to the Sheriffs Department would be illegal. But we know that that is not the case. You have stretched the meaning of the word "influence" to include ALL sales by McReynolds to the Sheriffs Department. Or to put it another way, your definition of the word "influence" differs from the meaning intended by the legislators who wrote the law. But then it is a common tactic of the left to twist the definition of words to conform to the desired meaning rather than the actual meaning. Perhaps this could explain why Noam Chompsky is a hero of the left. Chompsky is an accomplished linguist, and as such is quite skilled in the subtle manipulation of language to serve his political purposes. But you are pretty good to Cris. Regarding the $1000 threshold, it is my understanding that that requirement can be waived if there is only one source for the desired materials. By the way, if you have evidence of lawbreaking, why don't you file a complaint? That could answer the question once and for all. Thanks for your contribution to my blog. For future entries, I would suggest that you refrain from the pointless name calling. It does nothing to help your argument.

Kathy said...

I do not read the JT. Maybe I'm misinformed on this matter, but it is my understanding that Mr. McReynolds and his company were completely open about this deal. I was told that all of the proper paperwork was filed including ethics statements. So, if all of this is true that would mean that no one its election time and suddenly this is a big deal and people are kicking and screaming over a few thousand dollars. Why don't people get this upset over the hundreds of thousands of dollars of waste in our schools? I don't know if Mr. McReynolds broke the law. I can see where this business realtionship would be considered unethical. However, I don't feel that he took advantage. His company offered a service and I was told that it was bid out. So, I guess that I would have to say "Prove It". This was not a new development I think that its sad that people would wait until election time to pursue it. I think its out and out mean, but I guess that's politics.

Anonymous said...

Any purchase order of over $1,000 must have an approved request for "Sole Source." In 2002 such a purchase order was issued, and there was a sole source request from McReynolds to Jean Jacobsen via purchasing. Both Jean and Purchasing approved it. The fact that it exists says that McReynolds did influence the purchasing from his company. That would be contrary to statements by McReynolds in the RJT and apparently the interviews by the Rock County DA with Finance (Stansil), Purchasing (Kelly), and the Sheriff dept (Greer). It seems strange to me that the folks mentioned would approve, but maybe they didn't know Force Engineering was 1/3 Bill's....maybe the financial interest statements are not read by anyone, as then they would have to act differently than their boss would prefer.

Not sure what to do with this info....

Blue in Racine

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