Sunday, May 13, 2007

Plot Thickens

Many bloggers are hailing Mark Lucas as a hero for exposing the rot that is Racine Unified. Not so fast, I say. Today's article in the JT suggests the possibility of a not so noble motive for his recent actions. It seems that Mr. Lucas and his best friend Bill Levin were about to be downsized out of their jobs. Mr Lucas failed to mention this when he wrote "I have no motivation in doing this other than to protect the district and community from what I believe to be unethical practices on the part of PBCG..." Hmmm.

My point here is not to trash Mr. Lucas. Perhaps his caims are entirely accurate. Perhaps his motivation is pure. But his failure to mention that a byproduct of his recent activism just might be to save his own behind, well, does little to enhance his credibility in my mind.

But I now must issue a disclaimer. My skepticism of Mr. Lucas is based entirely on an article written in the JT. The JT is an agenda driven newspaper. Who knows in what manner they are trying to manipulate their readers. If I have made unfair or mistaken judgements about Mr Lucas, I will be sure to apologize for them in the future.

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Anonymous said...

Denis, these claims were brought up a year ago by Eric Marcus. Of course he was labeled "sour grapes" for having lost the election, so these claims went nowhere.

Mr. Lucas' job may very well be on the line, but the truth is the truth.

I don't believe that any laws were broken here. Under RUSD's "Policy Governance" he (the superintendent) did what he was allowed to do. It all boils down to ethics (which apparently RUSD has very little of).

For those of you who would like to know a little more about policy governance, I have a post on my blog entitled "The word game known as policy governance", which explains how this can happen.

Somehow, when it comes to this mess, I feel like the surface has just been scratched. :(