Thursday, May 24, 2007

Republican Regulators Return

Hardly a week goes by before another business is targeted for more regulations by Republicans among our city council. So far, money lenders (Payday Loans), traders (pawn shops), landlords, and especially alcohol related businesses have been targeted for increased regulation. This week its round two, or three, or four against liquor license holders. Alderman David Mack, playing catch-up with fellow Republican regulator Greg Helding, has proposed mandating a camera system for all establishments that sell alcohol.

Alderman QA Shakoor (not a Republican) said "I don't want to see this put a burden on our businesses. Then again, what is the price of being in business?"

Though perhaps intended as a rhetorical question, I will nonetheless attempt an answer. The price of being in business is high in Racine and getting higher. Historically speaking, we can safely blame liberal Democrats for the high taxes and heavy regulatory burdens that have driven away many of our businesses. But increasingly, we can point to our liberal Republicans who continually shackle our businesses with more regulations.

Just once I would like to see one of our Republicans, or Democrats, seek to reduce the burden on businesses in Racine. I won't hold my breath


Conscious Thought said...

Good to see you can take your conservative buddies to task too. You maybe a free thinker after all.
The regulation on liquor establishments is absurd and I have no idea what that will accomplish for the owners or the patrons.

Creating more responsibility and liability for owners is not the way to go.

Costs of implementing these systems will translate to increases in drink prices, which equals fewer customers, which equals slow business, which eventually equals no business.
A terrible formula for creating economic vitality.

Denis Navratil said...

I have no problem with ensuring that liquor license holders behave responsibly. However, we should not add law enforcement activities such as camera surveillance to their list of responsibilities. Wow CTW, we agree on something!

Anonymous said...

conscious thought-

maybe that is the idea - this town can use a few less crappy bars. they are all fronts for drug dealing anyways - even some of the "good ones"