Thursday, March 06, 2008

Shut Up and Pay

The city of Racine has issued 15,304 citations to property owners last year, according to a recent JT article. "The city has called them citations,.... but the violations no longer go through the municipal citation process, which involves the court system." In other words, anonymous city employees are both judge and jury, and you, the lowly citizen, should just shut up and pay. But not to worry. This program is "noticeably enhancing the quality of life within our neighborhoods throughout Racine" says Mayor Becker.


Real Debate said...

Quite evident...

Gary, get some new glasses.

concrete katie said...

Soon the Weed Patrol will be active. I have watched them harass my neighbors across the way for chicory and queen anne's lace. Weed Patrol called in a paddy wagon at one point and a gun was pointed at the property owner (in his 70s) who didn't like the treatment (and neither did this witness). When our public servants bully the public it makes me really angry.

I like roadside flowers.

I was out shoveling sidewalks for neighbors this winter because I got so worried they would get a citation. No little fine either....if the city swopes in and cleans up, they charge lots of money. Desperate for funds so that DPW can have lots of overtime.

Some citations yes but hey this city is poor and these fines are often way out of line and lack any kind of consideration for illness, dead battery, etc.

Anonymous said...

You know, Denis, when I read the threads that you start, I think I am reading that right-winger from the Milwaukee Journal, Patrick McIlheran, so obviously right-sided are your observations.

Since we must have governance in a world of many people, I take it that your way is the only/best way to deal with life?

I take that as a 'yes'.

Denis Navratil said...

anonymous, if I didn't think my opinions, conclusions, and observations were correct, what wouyld be the point of expressing them?

Anonymous said...

Sorry to disagree Unit has been a big help in the 6th St area forcing Landlords to at least a basic leval of maintenance.
At the same time our "mayor" is drifting farther and farther away into the Fuhrer Bunker.

Anonymous said...

There was a time when government employees were called civil servants.
Now, it seems to be the reverse--the public, and esp. the R. E. property owner, serve the politicians, the burocrats, and their mindless underlings(like the Weed Patrol).

Milwaukee also has Weed Patrollers and Backyard Police. They almost stole an allegedly unsafely jacked car. A friend was charged approx $115 for removal of 20 sq ft of what they called weeds--actually ground cover on a steep slope.

As a percentage of City of Milwaukee revenue, "charges, fines, and fees" were 21% in 1998. For 2007 they were 30%.

This is not governance. How can it be constitutional?