Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Unite with Wright

Just when you thought you have heard it all, along comes the Reverend Glen Halbe.

In a letter to the editor today in the Racine Journal Times, Halbe decries the "irresponsible journalism" that serves to "smear and sully the good name and reputation of one of the nation's greatest black ministers, Reverend Doctor Jeremiah Wright." No, it is not Wright sullying his own reputation with his own despicable and hateful words, rather, it is the fault of the irresponsible journalists for sharing the great man's words.

Halbe tells us that one of the goals of Wright's church is to "eradicate the color line in America" and that we should "join together in that effort." Well, I am all for discussing and denouncing racism, but please pardon me if I don't look to Obama's church for guidance on this issue.


Anonymous said...

You tell me just what the Rev. Wright said that was inconsistent with Old Testament Prophets; and Jesus Christ Himself.

Many pro-life people have said since abortion was legalized in the US decades ago, the same comments that Wright made.

Caledonication said...

- He said God damn America.

- He said the USA is the US of KKK.

- He said Hiroshima was unprovoked.

- He said that the United States supports terrorism in South Africa

- He said the American government developed the HIV virus as a means of genocide against people of color.

- He said that Jesus was a black man living in a country controlled by rich white people.

- He made gyrations with his hips (emulating a sexual act), during a sermon in his church, while referring to what Bill Clinton did to blacks in America, as well as Monica Lewinski.

Wright says some interesting things, no different than David Duke. They have to, they would alienate potential followers if everything they said was untrue.

They are both racial separatists regardless of what anyone would like to argue.

Barack's association with Wright is more than just a moderate one. Barack was married by Wright and Barack was a member of Wright's congregation for more than twenty years.

Barack's association with Wright has already starting to hurt his numbers.