Saturday, May 31, 2008

Teach or Bleach

Unified test scores continue a six year "fairly steady" decline and school officials are "scratching their heads" according to a JT article on the subject. Poverty and pigmentation are the apparent causes of the problematic test results. As such, the larger society should begin to redistribute our income and improve skin bleaching technology to improve test results. OK, that last sentence didn't come from the JT.

Or, if you find that objectionable, as I do, we can begin to question the apparent conclusion that minorities can't learn. Or, we could question whether government run schools should be the only option available to poor and or minority students. But I suspect we will are as unlikely to read about a skin bleaching program as we are to read a JT editorial advocating school vouchers. And it is minorities and the poor that are paying the greatest price.


Anonymous said...

that the more RUSD fails the more money they get?

Anonymous said...

Clever title

Anonymous said...

Michael Jackson tried it - didn't work. Better give vouchers a go.