Thursday, September 03, 2009

Just Say No

The Racine Redevelopment Authority delayed a decision on an 18 month option request by Brent Oglesby concerning city owned property at State and Silver Streets, very near to the proposed KRM stop. This decision should be very easy folks - deny this request outright. Read JT article Here

The property in question may soon increase in value if KRM becomes a reality. Brent Oglesby will then be allowed to buy the property at the pre-KRM price and essentially pocket the difference. I see no benefit to taxpayers here. What's more, Brent Oglesby is a member of the Racine City Plan Commission, ie, he is an insider and this gift to him would certainly not look good. And lastly, on what basis would the city think that Oglesby would be able to pull off a major development project? He has no financing and no experience in property development. Additionally, what the article fails to mention is that Oglesby does have business experience. He has had two business failures in Racine, a restaurant (I liked his food) and a newspaper .

I suspect that Oglesby would probably walk if KRM doeasn't materialize. And if KRM does happen, he would be in a great position to cut a deal or be bought out by an actual developer. This would be a sweet deal for Oglesby and a raw deal for Racine taxpayers.

I can't blame Oglseby for trying. Perhaps I will put in a similar request. I have a property company already and I have some development experience.


Urban Pioneer said...

Maybe we should give the land at half price to a Government employee!!

Anonymous said...

or give it to John Dickert, as the redevelopment
amendment ratified yesterday just did.

he has ownership stake in several state street
properties that have miraculously appeared in
the amendment to an already approved redevelopment

Denis Navratil said...

Really anon? Can you point me to any corroborating evidence?

Anonymous said...

Saying this man's restaurant and newspaper failed is racist. I hope they build a new re-education camp on the land that he will be getting so they can put you there. Plus it will help Racine' economic development because everyone going by on the train will see how progressive we are and maybe Obama will visit.

Babbit said...

Maybe The Post will look into this. Be an interesting story

Anonymous said...

Why not simply auction the option?

Anonymous said...

Coming up with logical proposals in the face of a black applicant is truly racist.

Anonymous said...

yes. the post should look into this. The area in question are the amended areas to the redevelopment plan.

look closely.

Anonymous said...

in increased tax base, jobs and a development
finally done by someone actually from Racine.

The 1st two reasons should be reason enough!

How do you know mr Oglesby has no experience?

Anonymous said...

Why should the city auction the option?

Anonymous said...

So you really didn't find out if mr. Oglesby has
experience or not did you? That's really disengenious.
Makes me really question the way you present information
to your audience.