Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Random Thoughts

State Rep Corey Mason has proposed taxing the rich and using the money for job training. Bad idea. The rich don't leave their money in shoe boxes. They either spend it or invest it. In either case, they create jobs by doing so. The government will just waste the money and there will be fewer jobs as a result.

Dustin at the Racine Post thinks KRM will be a game changer for Racine. Not so. It is more of the same big government liberalism that has dominated Racine for the last 50 to 70 years. Same game, expect the same results.

CNN apparently has a poll wherein they ask whether civility is dead. This is an example, IMHO, of subtle liberal bias that almost nobody will notice. They ask the question only after a Republican misbehaves. Was there a "is monogamy dead" poll taken during the Clinton/Lewinsky affair?

Don Rosen of WRJN said today that conservatives don't want change. This is nonsense. Example, liberals want to maintain the union dominated status quo of the public school system while many conservatives would like to dramatically change the system with vouchers. I could give thousands of examples of things I would like to change.


Ryan said...

CNN could be referring to the Kanye West incident as well. Kanye is far from conservative.

Real Debate said...

Rosen? He is so out of touch he doesn't even know it.

Not once has he mentioned leftist lack of civility towards President Bush, yet is gravely concerned ove people who do not agree with Obama?

This guy claims to be a centrist but he only has anger for the right.

By the way Mr. Rosen tune into MSNBC some time would you? O'Reilly who you hate is 10 times more civil than Olbermann.

But that never concerns you.

Hatred towards Gingrich who cheated on his wife with cancer, nothing towards John Edwards who cheated on his wife with cancer.

Some centrist.

Denis Navratil said...

Fred, I have also noticed this disproportionate ire towards the right from this "centrist."

Anonymous said...

this post & free racine is unbelievably laughable!