Monday, April 18, 2011

What Rude Looks Like

I have to admit that Sean's (at Kay's Blue racine) post announcing the Palin rally didn't really register with me. He wrote "More cowbell, less Palin."

Of course now I know that the protester class used cowbells and other noisemaking devices to drown out Sarah Palin's speech.

Misbehaving in a crowd can be kind of fun for the immature I suppose, but how exactly will this behavior win over the all important moderate voter?


Sean Cranley said...

Actually Denis, more cowbell refers to a Saturday night Live skit. And although I wasn't there I can tell you from being there at anti-Walker rallies that while you can make your presence felt with drums and such (which was the legit purpose), you wouldn't be ablefrom the perifery to "drown out" a speaker with a Koch funded public address system. That didn't happen.

Nice attempt at distortion though. It is after a requirment of the litany in the Cult of Con.

Denis Navratil said...

From accounts I have read, the noisemakers were not so innocent Sean. Do you really think you could hear a speaker when the people around you are banging on drums, honking away on a vizula (or whatever its called) or knocking around with a cowbell? Get serious Sean.

I stand corrected on the cowbell thing, not knowing or understanding the reference.

Denis Navratil said...

Oh, I almost missed your dodge of my original question. Are such tactics likely to win over the moderate voter?

Anonymous said...

The so-called moderates, not wanting to make waves must be appalled by Sean's friends. That could explain why his side has been in a free-fall losing streak since Teddy Kennedy's senate seat got knocked off. Statehouses nationwide have gone GOP, as well as the lefties getting their heads handed to them in Wisconsin.

That Sean deludes himself into believing their thug antics are winning over anyone is disapointing, but not suprising. Whipping yourself up into a frenzy attempting to hijack the judicial race, putting up an utterly unqualified contender, and sliming an accomplished jurist shows how irrational the left is. Even the moderates understand that much.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it figures that Kloppenberg just anounced she wants a recall, paid for by the taxpayers, natch! It won't change anything, but will provide more opportunities for protests, don't you think? How utterly predictable. Yep, just keep fanning the flames, confusing the masses, and try to de-legitimize Justice Prosser in the process. Winning friends and influencing people? I'm thinking the moderates are tired of this insufferable crybabying by now. The rest of us just roll our eyes.

Sean Cranley said...

1) There haven't been any "thug antics". I know repeating a lie is a requirement for the Cult of Con It will only make it true in the brains of the feeble-minded. Pull your head out of your AM radio, or bring the evidence.

2) I see no attempt to "hijack the judicial race", again bring the evidence.

3) Kloppenburg is as qualified as Prosser was when he was appointed to the court and she at least has judicial temperment, whereas he only has temper.

Let's try to keep this a reality-based discussion, mouthing GOPropandabytes will not help in that regard. If you must lie to advance your thoughts, your thoughts are not advanced.

Sean Cranley said...

Perhaps not Denis, but Palin, Bachman, Trump and the other wingnut whackos will drive moderates in our direction.

Moderate REpublicans should be placed on the critically endangered species list.

Nemo said...

Correct me if I'm wrong sean, but weren't Palin and Bachman around before November 2, 2010? How did that election go for you again? Heh.

Denis Navratil said...

If Palin drives moderates into the arms of the Dems, why not let her speak?

Anonymous said...

"If Palin drives moderates into the arms of the Dems, why not let her speak?"


Anonymous said...

1. Sitting in for weeks and using the Capitol as your personal toilet.
2. Taking marching orders from national unions and laughably trying to justify how fleeing to Illinois is serving your constituants.
3. Death threats to Republicans. You forgot that one too, didn't you Sean?
4. Illegal sick-outs.
5. Dogging the Governor everywhere he goes.
6. Protesting in front of folks private homes.
7. Breaking into offices and stealing recall sheets targeting dems.
8. Intimidating the patriotic folks who organize rallies to recall dems.
9. Shouting down 14 year old girls who speak at tea parties. Brave, aren't we?
10. Extorting private business to display your poitical propaganda.

Right there is ten thug activities without breaking a sweat. If demonstrating your "free expression" of your 1st ammendment rights has to rise to this level, giving you a woodie in the process, then shame on you. The rest of us are appalled. That's why you'll continue to lose elections.

Oh, btw #11. After jumping on a 206 vote uncanvassed "win," not having the graciousness to concede after LOSING an election by 7,300 canvassed votes.

Anonymous said...

Just can't resist, Sean. Here's a quote from one of those independants you are trying to woo.

"You Democrats do not persuade us with temper tantrums, threats, profane personal attacks, and all manner of judicial chicanery. I don’t even know what you stand for anymore; I don’t speak drum.

Yours was once the Party of Kennedy; it is now the Party that boos the national anthem."

Full article here:

Sean Cranley said...

1. A violent person, esp. a criminal.
2. A member of a religious organization of robbers and assassins in India, suppressed by the British in the 1830s.

WRONG Again Ano!

Oh and Ano, I stood with tears in my eyes on the Capitol lawn while 70,000 people sang (not mouthed like at a sports event), but full-throat BELTED out the National Anthem, so your just bringing more isolated, anecdotal, irrelevant BS from individuals as ussual.

On two of the other weekends I was there, it was God Bless America, spine tingling (Iget chockerd up at stuff like that), so yeah you can take your BS back to where you got it from.