Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Serve and Protect......Yourself

The City of Racine has responded to the new law allowing the concealed carrying of firearms by banning said firearms in city buildings. Mayor Dickert issued an executive order and the city is now placing signs reading: No Weapons Or Firearms Allowed On These Premises.

But the fine print is hilarious. It reads: "Although weapons are banned from this municipal facility, the City of Racine cannot ensure the protection of visitors or its employees from individuals who unlawfully enter with weapons and does not offer protection against the actions of violators."

According to the Journal Times article, city attorney Scott Lettney said the disclaimer was in part based on advice from the city's liability insurer. "We're just trying to protect (the city) to the extent we can" said Lettney.

City residents, however, are on their own, defenseless.

And just in case you haven't gotten the message, I will spell it out for you. The city will not protect you. The city will not allow you to protect yourself. But the city will protect itself, from your lawsuits, when you are injured or killed as a result of city policy.


GearHead said...

“It’s important to lead, not wait. So I decided to impose an executive order,” he said. “I’m not sure legally what the parameters are, but we’re making it well known we don’t want guns in city facilities.”

Well, I could spend all day dissecting that proclamation, but at least he is leading on something. Isn't this the same kind of inspired leadership that years ago erected "nuclear free zone" signs by schools to protect them from errant missles? I feel safer already. Not!

Anonymous said...

And implicit in the fine print is that any citizen who chooses to bring with them will be prosecuted mercilessly but thugs will have all charges bargained away if caught. Get it?

Anonymous said...

I would love to see a lawsuit filed against the city, or any other building owner, by a person who was not allowed to carry in a firearm, but was injured by someone who did carry in a firearm.
It would seem to me that if you disallow something, you have a responsibility to protect those who follow the law, against those who don't follow the law.
With the authority comes the responsibility.

Sean Cranley said...

I have to say, I'm really not concerned about the whole concealed carry thing. I doubt that it's going to make a big difference one way or the other. And although I haven't spent time examining them, I believe that the statistics from the states that have switched from prohibiting concealed carry to allowing it in recent times bear me out, not a big change one way or the other in gun incindents or violence.

However, I also have to say that at just shy of 51, I cannot think of a single incident in my life where the presence of a concealed firearm would have been helpful in any way and more than a few where it might have been a disaster for those present. And I'm likely to view the presence or potential presence of a concealed weapon in that context. Knowing or thinking that someone, even a friend is packing will make it more likely in most cases that I'll leave. Well there's your benefit!

I grew up in Racine and I've worked there and in Milwaukee, Waukesha and now Kenosha (including the inner cities of all of these) and, having married a country girl, have lived out near Burlington for 20 years. In other words, I have lived and worked in the most highly urbanized corner of the state with the areas of highest poverty and all the social ills that go with that. Perhaps it hasn't been the most edgy existence, but it certainly wasn't sheltered and it's closer to the danger zone than most Wisconsites.

I own guns. But I will not be carrying one. I don't feel the need, nor do I want the responsibility.

I'm sure there are those who because of what they do and where and when they do it, have potentially good reason to carry a concealed firearm. And hopefully any criminals that might target these individuals won't, out of fear of a weapon, shoot first and ask questions later (right Gundy?). But I'm pretty sure individuals in such situations are few and far between.

It's my considered opinion that the rest of the people who will be packing, at least in the near term are a bunch of dorks. They'll get their permit and for period of time, they'll strap on their weapon or tuck it in their coat pocket. But as time wears on, the inconvenience of doing so, especialy in warm weather (when gun violence increases) will wear on as well.

For most, the more rational ones, the dream of being in a situation where they can be the big hero by whipping it out blasting away the evildoer, while missing all the innocent bystanders, will eventually begin to appear more and more as the reality that it is, like standing out in a field waiting to be struck by lightning.

And so, the more rational ones will come to view the whole excercize as more of a daily trouble than it's worth and will abandon the practice, leaving the less rational, more persistant fantasizers to . . . "carry" on.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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