Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Amuse a Liberal Today

Root Riven Siren is laughing aloud at the following tweet:

Coming across each Walker ad- it's like discovering vomit on a morning sidewalk. Repulsive discovery.

Who knew it was so easy to amuse a liberal? Coming across a Walker ad- it's like discovering a turd in your breakfast cereal. Ha ha ha. Or like finding maggots in your genital cyst. Ha ha ha, I am hilarious. Go ahead, lol with me. I know it, you know it, I am a laugh riot. Or finding a decomposing rat....

Try it yourself. Show me you are as funny as a liberal. Coming across a Walker ad - it's like.....


GearHead said...

... it's like a breath of fresh air in a sea of putrid liberal media.

... it's like a moment of clarity in a world of insanity.

... it's like the adults are really in charge, even though the crybabies continue to crap their diapers in protest.

Oh, yeah, Denis... we could do this all night long!

Sean Cranley said...

Gearheaded thinks there is a liberal media! Whadda dear deluded dork. turn off the AM radio and the FuxSnooze before it's too . . . Oh nevermind.

Cry babies eh? Thousands of actual grass roots volunteers (unlike the Americans for Plutocracy, expo rented, jumbotron presented, Public (HA!) address system vented, multi-media PR crafted A$$Troturf) are not crying. They're out there working every day to colloect the written expression of the Will of the People to enact their Constitutional right to remove from office a liar and a shill.

Scott Walker's holiday ad DOES make me want to puke. It ahs all the authenticity of a foil christmas tree under a colored light wheel! He starts out in a brief soup kitchen photo op and ends up with his wife floating a can't we all just get along pitch while he smiles and nods and his boys stand sullenly in the background. Is he going to change his ways and quit being a prick? No, he's suggesting (through the Mrs) that Wisconsinites who strongly object to the enactment of his once hidden fALEC Koch Ho agenda, just get over it. What an ...

Sean Cranley said...

Oh, I forgot to note the irony of the soup kitchen bit, since Waker's actions will cause more Wisconsinites to resort to that source of sustenance.

Are there no prisons!? Are there no work houses!?

GearHead said...

Testy, eh Sean? Better check your diaper.

Sean Cranley said...

My diaper . . . my diaper?

Oh, Oh! I am cut to the quick by Gearheaded's rapier wit!

His mastery of potty humor has raised it to a new art form in his capable hands!

How can I ever hope to withstand such incisive cleverness!?

It seems I'd best beat a hasty retreat, lest GH unleash his razor sharp intellect on me yet again!

Ha Ha Happy New Year!

GearHead said...

Actually, it's a pretty clever metaphor for crapping up the State House, which is a badge of honor your ilk point to. One only has to peek at your blog to witness the frightening inner workings of your brain, spoon-fed by the latest union thug talking points.

My so-called potty humor had a point (lost on you of course). But you are the master of twisting folks names, which is the first step of de-legitimizing them and whatever argument they might put forth. It's a favorite tool of the left. A dismissive wave of the hand. I've at least responded to Denis' post. You've again tried to change the subject.

What concerns me more is how humorless you and your friends really are. Where are you going to direct all that vitreol when your recall attempts ultimately fail, along with Obama being shellacked as a one-termer? I'm looking forward to a great year, career-wise, politically and family-wise. Can you honestly say the same?

Poking fun at snarling liberals is like shooting fish in barrels.

Sean Cranley said...

Wow GH four paragraphs to describe the poetic depth of your little diaper phrase. Such intricately interwoven layers of meaning! Who knew?

As for the BAP blog, I'm not a union member so I don't receive their talking points as you assume (wrongly) and alledge (falsely). If you have a specific issue with something I wrote that you believe is factually incorrect I welcome you to point that out. But your general condemnation is empty, worthless and predicated on errant and baseless beliefs.

I don't know that it was you, but I've certainly been called far worse things on this blog than "Gearheaded" as well as names that have no meaning at all to me like Fitty Cents or some sort of similar non-sense. Whatever.

I can honestly say that I look forward to 2012 as well, but that I'm not deluded enough to think I know what will happen.