Sunday, December 04, 2011

Local Lefty Echo Chamber

With Kay's Blue Racine switching to an invitation only format - me not invited - and RootRiverSiren screening and then not publishing a recent comment of mine, it seems the local left is committing to an ideological echo chamber style of blogging. For people so sure of the superiority of their ideas, this seems a bit strange. And for those of you who wonder why I put up with Sean Cranley, it is because, unlike much of the local left, I am actually up for debate and discussion and Sean sadly is my only current detractor.

So about that RootRiverSiren comment. RRS has been relentlessly focused on the recall-related misdeeds committed, allegedly, by Republicans. And she is upset that Democrat spokesman Graeme Zelinski has not denounced the perpetrators. I couldn't help but notice that the Zelinski photo had a picture of labor leader Samuel Gompers and the following quote: Reward your friends, punish your enemies. My comment was that Zelinski's sin was insufficient adherence to the Democrat ethos promoted in the photo.

Sadly, an opportunity was missed. The comment might have sparked a defense or explanation of the Gompers quote and the role or appropriateness of reward and punishment in politics. Instead, an inconvenient criticism was swatted away and its back to the one-sided demonization of Republicans. A sad state our local lefties are in. Too bad.


Nemo said...

At the risk of also not being invited (HA!) to kay's, I'll agree. What makes blogs interesting to me isn't so much the author's posts, though they can be good (see Free Racine or Real Debate Wisconsin), but it's the defense of those ideas in the comments that follow. kay's will always hold a special place in my heart for banishing me for questioning the left's commitment to free speech.

I saddens me to learn that the Siren is now paddling down the stream of STFU. Doesn't surprise though. The Siren's song at RootRiver has become more shrill and monotoneic for about a year. Now, without the diversity of opinion, there is little reason for conservativies to get close to those shoals of thought. Like the old saying goes, "A shrill river doesn't run deep". Or something like that. Heh.

Anonymous said...

To paraphrase an aphorism I heard a long time ago, "the emotions ran so high because the stakes were so low".

GearHead said...

Be it Sean, or Kay or some other knob, let me spare you the frustration of talking to a wall. Echo chamber fer sure! Not to mention such ill will and bad language at those other sites. So for giggles today, let's listen in on a chat of what liberals really think of the Tea Party. Clicking on my name should get you there.

Sean Cranley said...

Sorry I've left you folks alone so long, been busy (if only I could recall with what). I do appologize.

Denis, we can hardly judge the appropriateness or lack thereof of Siren's action in deleting your comment, without knowing what your comment was and which of her posts it pertained to. Would you care to present the evidence?

I don't know what Kay is up to, what her purposes and intent for her blog are and she hasn't invited me either (yet) But I know she's been very busy too. And I would find discourse (if that's her goal) with all like minded people to be boring. But I can imagine why she might want to keep trolls like Nemo out.

Nemo couldn't engineer a decent argument in favor of sunshine. That along with his lack of intellectual integrity means that he brings nothing positive to the discourse other than perhaps being a useful fool or a cautionary example of what strict adherence to one's ideological masters can do to one's "thinking" and ability to respond with honesty instead of Nemo's standard practices of diversion and obfuscation.

And Gearheaded . . . well nuff saided.

As for Real Debate Wisconsin. I've enjoyed posting comments there from time to time. Their arguments are about as easy to deconstruct as the ones to be found here. But the site is SOOOOOOOO painfully SLOWWWWW, that navigating around it is just too much of a time suck to be worth the fun.

Nemo said...

sean, you have repeatedly accused me of "lack of intellectual integrity" and now "diversion and obfuscation". Do you have any examples of such statements or are these dyslogistic ramblings just the cowbells and vuvuzelas that spew as a result of your intellectual impotence?

Still, it's good to have your flaccid voice back here. Another point of view, no matter how limp, can expose weakness in an argument or further underline a strong one. It's a pity that the Siren does not understand that. I miss wrapping my comments in Melville and Hemingway templates.

Denis Navratil said...

"Denis, we can hardly judge the appropriateness or lack thereof of Siren's action in deleting your comment, without knowing what your comment was and which of her posts it pertained to. Would you care to present the evidence?"

Well yes Sean, we can't judge the appropriateness of Siren's action because the evidence is gone due to her action. My deleted comment, paraphrased, was included in my original post. The post of Siren's is a few days old now and pertains to the Dems spokesman and the photo I commented upon.

Tim the Shrubber said...

Kay's, Root River, Racine Uncovered...I do not appear to be allowed to post at any of those sites these days. Makes the JT comments section appear free and open.

John said...

I think Blue Racine is gone, not invite only. Root River Siren is just plain aweful. All she does is swear, bitch about people, offer zero intellectual arguements and do anything and everything to protect her wannabe boyfriend Dickert (hint, he is never leaving his wife for you no matter how many times he comes over).

Anonymous said...

Siren is nothing more than a propaganda tool for that failure Dickert.

Anonymous said...

I have several right wing blogs bookmarked as well as many left wing blogs bookmarked. I browse them for interesting conversation. They are all very opinionated. The worst of them is Spanky . . . Er, I mean Dooley's. You talk about a racist tea bagger! He recently allowed a post about The first lady's figure. The rather large rotund fella should look in the mirror before judging others. He is one double cheese burger away from being put on disability.