Thursday, February 23, 2012

Letter to JT Editor

Yours truly has written a letter that appears in today's Journal Times. Here it is:

Is that really a ‘right?'
State Rep. Cory Mason, D-Racine, recently argued that Gov. Scott Walker deserves to be recalled because he has taken away people's rights.
Mason is not referring to the rights to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness of the Declaration of Independence or of the rights delineated in the United States Constitution and the amendments.
Rather, he is bemoaning the curtailing of the privilege of collective bargaining granted to government employees unions.
These privileges included the power to compel membership among government employees, to forcibly remove money from their paychecks, and to have special powers to shape employment contracts in their favor. Note that the rest of us do not enjoy such "rights."
One wonders if Rep. Mason would vigorously defend my right to form a taxpayers union. Would he support legislation enabling me to compel membership upon all taxpayers, accepting without proof my assertion that all taxpayers would benefit from my representation? Would I enjoy the "right" to take money from the taxpayers with help from Mason? Would Mason casually accept the distorted political environment that resulted in me using the forcibly extracted money to remove him from office?
Denis Navratil


GearHead said...

Excellent letter. Fortunately we don't have to forcibly collect "dues" to throw Mason out of office. We will gladly offer plenty of it to his opponent in the next (regularly scheduled, per state constitution) election.

Still, that delightful hissing sound you hear is all the hot air escaping the balloon of his union backed argument :) You should be a surgeon... your very effective at dissecting ridiculous arguments. Logic is a great equalizer... bog gas being no match for it.

Denis Navratil said...

Thank you GH.

Anonymous said...

I am leaving Wisconsin in May, because I see no hope here, and I need to move forward with my life, so I will tell you this.

The time for compromise and half-measures is over. You can't and won't win against lying union manipulators who want everything they can extract from you. The Beast was unleashed, and now you can NEVER tame it. The only way to WIN is to utterly defeat it. That means Wisconsin MUST become a right to work State. Property taxes must be reduced by a substantial amount. Public Employee salaries need to be cut by 50% - 66%. Benefits slashed - health care extended to the employee only - perhaps family care - IF the employee pays the cost from their pocket. It's the END of the Wisconsin Retirement System and defined pension plans.

You will need to directly confront the unions at contract time - and tell them NO! and the Community must be prepared, ahead of time, to make up for losses in services, and to move quick to hire/train replacements.

This is it. The unions have held you hostage - you fear them - rightly so - they are Terrorists! You can't win with Terrorists. They MUST be defeated. The first Communities to do this will WIN and slowly become prosperous again.

The Teachers started this in Hortonville. Study Hortonville. They held out and suffered, but they won, and have become a destructive and unstoppable force.

At stake is the future of Wisconsin and your children. If you're afraid to take the bull by the horns, you will slowly be boiled.

Denis Navratil said...

Thanks for your comments anon. Out of curiosity, may I ask what more hopeful locale you have found?

Urban Pioneer said...

Dear Anon Make sure you keep voting in Wisconsin through May at the very least! Wisconsin is so close you can vote absentee right thru Novemeber. Register in your new State or tropical Island afterwards. But we need every Legal vote! From School Board, Judge, to order to begin the changes you are requesting. We won't get them all in one bite..but the future of Govt. work looks a lot like what you have written about!

Sean Cranley said...

Ano: You've come unhinged, move south they deserve you down there.

Brownie, you're advocating vote fraud, nice very nice.

Denis Navratil said...

Sean I gather that you are in full agreement with me on the issue of rights, that is, collective bargaining is not a right at all but rather a privilege gained via a political process.

Sean Cranley said...

Denis you need only look back at recent posts right here on your blog if your memory does doesn't serve up the answer.

Anonymous said...

Porters TIF information available NOW!

Anonymous said...

In case that link doesn't work - I'll try again, using HTML.

Click <a href=">HERE</a> for PDF.

Link is on JT Irregulars and Racine Uncovered also - i knwo it works there.

Denis Navratil said...

Got it. Thanks anon.