Thursday, October 04, 2012


Wow. Even lefties are unable to lie about the thrashing President Obama received last night.


GearHead said...

The whole Obama acendancy has been a triumph of political correctness run amock. The lamestream media willfully overlooked his glaring deficiencies (no experiance at anything) and called out anyone who brought them up as being racist. As a result, the media's credibilty is shot.

It is amazing what a little unvarnished unfiltered truth does for the soul. People aren't stupid. They saw with their own eyes Romney is the real deal, and the emperor in chief has no clothes.

Denis Navratil said...

you got that right GH.

Sean Cranley said...

I'm sorry, you don't "win" a debate by being forceful and self-assured while lying and running away from what you've campaigned on for months.

Sean Cranley said...

On further reflection, I must appologize for my comment above. When the main stream media who is only interested in a horse race, the performance and one-line zingers declares the "winner" with not even a wisp of concern over substance, content and the truth, that is exactly how one "wins" a debate in American politics today. Pretty damn sad state of affairs.

Fortunately for me, I've been paying attention all along, and armed with information and an independent mind I can decide for myself who did better and who was being truthful and who was being evasive and running away from their own previously stated positions.

Unfortunately, an uninformed citizen who tuned into that debate would actually be less informed afterward. Once again Romney has shaken his etch-a-sketch and demonstrated that he will say whatever he thinks will be most palletable to whatever audience happens to be in front of him at the moment.

But he's SO cute, isn't he?

GearHead said...

@Sean: Are you kidding? You didn't see Romney undress Obama in front of 60 million people? You didn't see the look of shock on Michele's face when it was over? Betting whe wanted to spend the rest of her anniversary with Mitt!

But I knew I could count on you to contiue to look at the Obama with beer goggles on. Bar time is nearly over, and the rest of us aren't fooled by your own denial. We are moving on. Romney was crisp, made specific points, and refuted the BS the Obama has gotten away with for years. Eyes were opened. Even to the so-called uninformed you are now looking down your nose at. Prepare for another shellacking. Are you a masochist?

Sean Cranley said...

Romney lied through his teeth. You obviously are oblivious to that fact or condone that behavior.

GearHead said...

@Sean: Wasn't part of the Obama's charm HIS cuteness? He looked older than the jubulent Romney on stage.

Wasn't part of the Obama's charm the hopey-changey mantra he postulated? Paul Ryan reminded us of those fading "yes we can" posters in our adult children's bedrooms still living at home.

Wasn't part of the Obama's charm his soaring rhetoric? What happened? Sucks to have to defend his indefencible record by having to think on his feet. Sucks to not have adoring college students and professors in the debate room, eh?

Wasn't part of the Obama's charm his command of the facts? Smarter than anyone else in the room? Where was he?

The truth is just as the left and the media has charicatured Romney as stiff and uncaring, the charicature of Obama being so smart and suave is just as inaccurate. The media made him, and now the media has to go all-in to prop him up. Why else would THEY defend the indefencible?

GearHead said...

@Sean: The whole Obama administration has been a lie. This was possibly the first time Obama was ever confronted with the truth of his failed presidency.

GearHead said...

@Sean: Obama would have us believe the real real Romney was a fake, and the fake Romney you all delude yourselves into believing is real.

Your side has believed that exit polls are true, and real election poll results are fraudulent.

Your side believes that unemployment numbers go down when we continue to lose more jobs than we gain nationwide.

Drugs can be the only explaination for such delusion. May God help you.

GearHead said...

@Sean: Take the teleprompter away, the fawning aides, the compliciant media, and make him stand up for himself, and you see the real Obama.

Just as we saw the real Romney at the debate.

What is fake is what he says he will do next term. You see, he can't tell us about what his real agenda is: a further slide into socialism. Not a winning campaign. Which is why he will continue to attack the credibility of Romney. He has nothing.

Sad, but "fortunately for me, I've been paying attention all along, and armed with information and an independent mind I can decide for myself who did better and who was being truthful and who was being evasive and running away from their own" record.

Have a great weekend, Sean. I'll be volunteering to put up Robin Vos, Tommy, and Romney/Ryan signs in your neighborhood Saturday.

Sean Cranley said...

"Socialism" yup yer clueless alright. Some say that Cons react to facts like Frankenstein reacts to fire, but I think sometimes it's more like how Helen Keller would react to a movie.

Real Debate said...

Really Cranley? Not agreeing with left wing spin is not a lie. Wanting to keep rates where they have been for the last 11 years for example is not a "tax cut for the wealthy" That is actually keeping tax rates where they are. Somehow in Obamaland that equals a 5 trillion tax cut for the rich> Even Obama's paid liar Stephanie Cutter had to admit that was not correct yet Obama continues their lies.

Sean Cranley said...

Oh oh, Gearhaed is upset. That can only mean two things:

1) He was confronted with a fact; or

2) Someone applied live jumper cables to those bolts on his neck.

GH your discription of Mitt-the Twit's tax plan you provided above is a completely wrong. If that's an example of your understanding, then it's not surprising at all that you don't know enough about Mitty's plans to know that he lied all through the debate and therefore, did not "win".

Are you ready to go toe-to-toe on those lies or would you rather hide under a pile of coats until I go away?