Saturday, August 16, 2014

Signs of Silliness

Last year Racine passed an ordinance that limits the size of signage in commercial buildings to 15% of window space. The issue is being revisited and it looks like their is momentum to increase the amount to 50% of window space.

Mayor Dickert, who supports the 50% signage allowance, said "The reason for the ordinance is to have the authority to enforce the rules on those who are breaking them and protect those who do not. We have to remember this situation came about because some companies were following the rules while numerous others were not."

This does not explain the need for the ordinance. It explains the desire for authority. And I can't help but wondering just who needs protection from a storefront sign.

Suppose the city passed an ordinance preventing people from wearing yellow shoes. Now imagine a mayor saying "The reason for the ordinance is to have the authority to enforce the yellow shoes ordinance on those folks who continue to wear yellow shoes. Meanwhile, we need to protect those who are wearing shoes of other colors. We need to remember that this situation came about because some people were wearing properly colored shoes while others were wearing yellow shoes."

The problem with the ordinance is that there is no good reason for it. So get rid of it.


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Nemo said...


How about an open thread so those of us that have been banished from closed minded blogs can vent? (Blogging Blue has exiled me, Nemo, through some Proxy malware (and just when I was starting to have fun)).

Nemo said...

Took the time to learn how Blue's malware works and found a way around it! Now you'll get at least one like on any anti-abortion comments you leave and Mann-Made Global Warming Cultists will be confronted. Huzzah!

Bhoomi Desai said...

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