Saturday, August 09, 2014

On Proportionality

So we dropped some bombs on ISIS in Iraq yesterday. I am ok with that. However, at present the world elites, including many in the US, are decrying the Israeli aggression against Hamas in the Gaza strip. The problem there is not so much the Israeli bombing/aggression per se but rather the proportionality problem. The Israelis are killing way more Palestinians than the Palestinians are killing Israeli's. And that just isn't fair say the elites.

So back to the US bombing campaign, led by a Democratic Nobel Peace Prize winner. Where is the proportionality? Has ISIS fired a single bullet at a US soldier? In the interest of proportionality, mustn't we allow ISIS the opportunity to lob some missiles into the US? Perhaps the advocates of proportionality could line up to take a bullet or have their throats slashed to demonstrate their commitment to proportionality and just to even things up a bit. Its only fair!

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