Saturday, October 28, 2006

A Better Idea for SOS

I have been interested in the efforts of the group SOS (Save Our Station) to prevent the Journal Times from razing an old fire station on Wisconsin Avenue. The group recently e-mailed me an invitation to attend a fund raising party. I don't plan to attend as I would not contribute any money to an organization intent on undermining property rights. But I share their interest in promoting development along the Root River. So I will offer a suggestion that I wish I could claim as my own. My wife recently reminder me that the owners of DP Wigley have an interest in developing their building. I know the Flynns a bit. They are a wonderful couple. They own an amazing old building along the river. There is so much potential in that building. What they need, I suspect, is investors. The energy and enthusiasm of SOS could be put to much better use trying to promote the development of DP Wigley instead of impeding the efforts of the Journal Times.


eric said...

Denis, to quote my old high school history teacher, Ken Wagner, who wrote a letter to the editor on this subject a while back, "Burn the Firehouse".

Denis Navratil said...

Interesting. Why burn it?