Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Conspiracy Theory Gone Wild

It seems that Bill McReynolds is receiving political support from a Michigan based organization called All Children Matter. According to a letter written to the JT by Jeri Smith, (or Stephen J. Smith in the phone directory) ACM "is an organization which, on the surface, advocates the voucher system for school choice." By inserting the words "on the surface", Smith is suggesting that this education organization has other motives besides advocating for school vouchers. It couldn't be education reform in Wisconsin, according to Smith, who writes "But what does school choice in Michigan have to do with John Lehman and his supposed views on taxes or on any other issues- in Wisconsin?" What could possibly motivate ACM, since according to Smith, it can not be advocacy of school vouchers?

Thankfully, Smith delivers. ACM is funded by Michigan Multi-millionaire Dick DeVos of Amway fame. According to Smith,Devos has a brother-in-law who owns Blackwater Security Company, a business which has won no-bid contracts to provide security in Iraq. "The real reason ACM is interested in this election is because they want to put people in power who will continue to serve the interests of companies like Blackwater."

So there it is folks. Michigan multi-millionaire Dick DeVos has created a bogus school voucher advocacy organization. He has then entered into the fray of a Wisconsin state senate race, not to support the idea of school vouchers, but to help elect Bill McReynolds, who will in turn, wink wink, nod nod, help DeVos's brother in law secure more no-bid federal contracts.

Never mind that school vouchers are a state matter while awarding federal grants is a federal matter. McReynolds, as a state senator, would be powerless to deliver the goods to DeVos's brother-in-law.

Or perhaps DeVos actually believes in the merits of school vouchers.

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Peter said...

I am surprised this idiot liberal didn't mention the Bogeyman ... HALLIBURTON!!!!!