Sunday, October 15, 2006

Liberal of the Year

I just saw the movie "Man of the Year" starring Robin Williams. Williams plays a comedian/talk show host who runs for president as an independent. This following is what he stands for and against. Against Democrats and Republicans. For education with no specifics. Vague on border issues but believes an open border presents a greater threat than old ladies at airports. For the environment. Against lobbyists. Against oil companies. For, or at least not hostile to gay marriage. And, judging by his behavior, marital status (divorced) and attitude, he is far from a cultural conservative. The movie was mildly entertaining. Robin Williams is funny at times. But the funniest thing about the movie is the straight faced attempt to portray Williams as an independent when everything he stands for is liberal.

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libertarian said...

it is possible to be libral, conservative, etc. without believing in the scam of the two party sistem