Wednesday, January 17, 2007

More Snake Oil Please

I have been engaged in a spirited debate with Kay from In a recent post she equated the notion of tax cuts with "snake oil" while I maintain that tax cuts contibute to economic development which can ultimately result in more revenue for governments.

So I shared with her the delightful news that our federal deficit has been reduced by $165 billion over the last two years. Don't bother looking for that info in the JT, I found it in the Wall street Journal. Anyway, I believe that deficits can only be reduced by lower spending or higher tax reciepts or a combination of the two. Now we know that Republicans have been spending like drunken sailors, we have two ongoing wars, and we have had a huge disaster in New Orleans, so we know that the deficit reduction is not the result of spending restraint. The reason is more tax reciepts. Now we also know that Bush is widely criticized for lowering taxes. So how is it possible that after lowering tax rates, we are collecting more in taxes? The reason is that lower taxes stimulate economic growth. Economic growth is taxed, so we are collecting more in taxes despite a tax cut. To a liberal not used to thinking, this sounds like snake oil. I say bring on the snake oil.


Wade said...

Denis, using logic with liberals is never going to work. I wish the gov't would stay the hell out of my pocket. Also, it does seem that tax cuts do stimulate the economy. When people have more money they spend it or invest it in someway.

Two asides:

I would submit that we have one war going, the global war on terror. It also has many fronts on just Iraq and Afghanistan.

I checked out Kay's blog and I thought it blew, no offense Kay, just not my style.

Denis Navratil said...

I wondered if anyone was going to call me one the two wars comment. Will you be joining us on Tuesday?

Anonymous said...

I have been reading your exchange with Kay, and really appreciate your willingness to confront the problem(s) in Racine County.

Anonymous said...

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another anonymous poster said...

Denis, I wouldn't bother trying to debate issues involving McReynolds with Kay. She is obsessed with attacking him for whatever reason, doesn't matter if the complaint has any substance. Really she just wants to be able to spew her venom and not have to deal with anyone actually questioning her claims.
I would personally stay clear of Kay and her blog, linking yourself to her in any way is only going to damage your credibility.

Denis Navratil said...

Thanks anon, but I wasn't debating Kay for the purposes of enhancing her credibility or mine. I enjoy debate and discussion, so I seek it out. I often find it frustrating to debate/discuss issues with people who disregard facts when they don't fit with their beliefs. Quite often these people tend to be far left liberals. Debating these people can be useful to a point, insofar as it is easy to demonstrate the flaws in their thinking and the methods they use to hold on to untenable positions. But eventually it becomes apparent that some people are incapable or unwilling to engage in honest debate. I am not saying that is the case with Kay, but I certainly was not impressed with her defense of her tax cuts/snake oil argument. If you are right about Kay, I suppose that it will become apparent to me over time.

Anonymous said...

I confronted Kay on her blog site when she decided to attack the Democrats who wanted to change the process on how they pick their "Democrat of the Year." I am the Anon that she wrote about. Let me tell you that she did not like me pointing out facts about things she has done in the past, regarding McReynolds and Hall, and eventually she deleted my posts. She claimed I was naming if she doesn't name names every day on her blog. Also, the names I named were McReynolds, Hall, Katie, BAP, and the PMW. All names that have been in print before, but for some reason she didn't like the connections I was making. By the way, her explanation in her blog about the "Anon confronts Kay" is untrue. I am glad Denis had the opportunity to "debate" Kay on her blog and wasn't deleted.