Saturday, January 20, 2007


When we have unseasonably warm weather, it is likely that you will hear something said about global warming. What do you hear now that the orange crop in California is freezing?

When the gas prices are high, it is likely that you will hear that oil execs are gouging us and that George Bush is responsible. What do you hear now as the gas price is dropping?

When our federal deficit is growing, you are likely to hear about the tax breaks for the wealthiest 1% of our population. What do you hear now that our deficit is shrinking?

When unemployment was high, you heard about a jobless recovery? What do you hear now that unemployment is low?

What is it that you hear from liberals? Answer: hysteria.

What is it that you hear when they are proven wrong? Answer: silence.


Anonymous said...

My observations of a liberal, or what I call far left radical/progressives is that they befriend you by claiming to be righteous and peace loving, but what they really want to do is divide our country and see President Bush in a noose. It is appalling and everyone should speak up against this kind of treason. -Dogman-

Denis Navratil said...

Many of the offerings of the far left are indeed divisive. Rich vs poor, black vs white, gay vs straight, man vs woman etc... It is a danger to our country I would agree. Thanks for your comment Dogman.

eric said...

Denis, most of what you wrote strikes me as normal political posturing. If the Dems hold the congress and claim the WH in '08 I suspect we'll see pretty similar behavior out of the Repubs. It would be refreshing to hear any member of either party actually genuinely praise something the other party had lead on.

Really disconcerting is something I heard and agree with, that foreign affairs is now an accepted issue to use for domestic political gain. This I can fault the Dems on, and any Repubs that get into the act.

I agree that liberals can be divisive with their issues, but again that strikes me as an old political tactic used by both parties. If you genuinely believe there is an inequality, how do you frame the issue mentioning multiple groups that are not equal?

The other disconcerting thing is that with all the great data you mention, the media isn't exactly playing it up. Bias, maybe/ probably, but they haven't bemoaned the renewed deficts that much either. The war is getting all the attention and overshadowing everything else.