Monday, January 08, 2007

School Board Nuggets

Superintendent Dr. Hicks figures on a "blended solution" concerning the desegregation/neighborhood schools debate.

Board member Russ Carlsen had this to say: "We have a pretty homogeneous heterogeneous population."

Board member Brian Dey proposed neighborhood schools coupled with school choice and transportation help for the socioeconomically challenged folks who wished to opt out of their neighborhood schools. Board member Randy Bangs agrees with Dey but would also permit minorities (regardless of socioeconomic status) to be included among those eligible for transportation assistance if they want to opt out of their neighborhood schools.


eric said...

The board member I spoke with recently is pretty sure they will be going the neighborhood school route - of course given all the recent mis-starts, hard to know when it might actually happen. It was also pointed out we don't save a lot of money if we no longer utilize busing to integrate. The savings in reduced busing costs is offset by the almost equal amount of integration subsidy we would loose.

I like the Dey/Bangs' ideas.

Kathy said...

I too like Brian Dey's idea. I think that if you opt out of your neighborhood school, and you are socioeconomically challenged that transportation assistance should be afforded to you. However, I do not believe that transportation assistance should be afforded to someone simply because of their skin color.

BBG said...

With great ideas like Dey's why is there a need to pay Hicks???