Thursday, March 08, 2007

Betting on Corruption

I want to be in the gambling business. But alas, I am not a Native American, so I am barred from the profession. But all is not lost. I think I can help a Indian tribe throught the political process such that they can open up a lucrative casino right here in Wisconsin. No doubt a casino will net billions over time for the tribe. They need me to get the license. My role is worth millions to the tribe.

There is only one way to open a legal casino. There is no free market in the casino business. The path to opening a casino is entirely political. One must have tremendous influence with politicians in order to secure a casino license.

Like most people, politicians like nice people. But there are lots of nice people, and there are not lots of casino licenses. Being nice to politicians will not get you a casino license.

Politicians can be swayed by persuasive argument. But I suspect that numerous Indian tribes could make a solid case that they could run a reputable casino. Persuasive arguments will not get you a casino.

Politicians like to win elections. It takes money, in the form of campaign contributions, to win elections.

If you want to open a casino, be nice to politicians, offer persuasive arguments, and give them money. Give them more money than anyone else. Give money to friends and family and have them give the money to the politicians that can help you.

I don't gamble much, but I am willing to bet that every casino opening in this country will increase the level of government corruption. I am giving 1000 to one odds.

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