Thursday, March 01, 2007

Voter Free Choice Act

It is 2008, Hillary vs. Guliani for president. This election will be different because of the passage of the Voter Free Choice Act.

In October, you get a knock on the door from campaign workers for one of the candidates. They tell you why their candidate should get your vote. They ask you to vote right then and there, handing you a ballot for your signature. You indicate that you remain undecided and that you prefer to cast your ballot in secret. The campaigners laugh and tell you that secret ballots are a thing of the past, and then they explain the new law. Still, you don't really want to vote for this particular candidate, and you tell them so.

The campaign workers are getting impatient. They are paid to get votes. They offer you $50 to sign now. They get $100 cash per vote, so they have some cash to spare. Disgusted, you ask them to leave. Before leaving, they wonder aloud how much it would cost to replace your picture window. "More than $50, I'll bet" says one campaign worker. "We will be back next week. Be prepared to sign."

Today the House of Representatives votes on the Employee Free Choice Act which does away with secret ballots for union representation. The measure is expected to get a lot of support from Democrats and some from Republicans. Scary. Thankfully, George Bush will veto it if it comes to his desk.

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