Monday, March 12, 2007

Call to Hall

I placed a call to Ken Hall today, to offer him an opportunity to weigh in on the Kay/Denis spat. Ken did not know anything about it. Perhaps he has the good sense to be doing something else with his time. But if I might summarize his views on the subject, he essentially made no distinction between anonymous bloggers spreading lies and mistruths about him, and the handiwork of Kay from BlueRacine. In one sense, I think he has a point. People are going to say and write whatever they want, especially as they now have a format to do so anonymously on the various blogs. But on the other hand, Kay is openly (as in not anonymously) declaring here disdain for Mac and her support for Hall, while also offering an exceedingly crude jab at Christians. So while her support for Hall is not official, according to Hall, she nonetheless is a quite visible supporter of Hall.

Of course Ken Hall can campaign in any way that he pleases. But if I were in a serious campaign for the county's top job, I would quite publicly distance myself from people who make crude jokes about masterbating Christian Jihadists. But then, I finished third in my run for the CE job, so perhaps I am not the best to offer campaign advice.

The offer still stands for Ken Hall to weigh in on Kay's vitriolic comments. To me, silence amounts to a de facto endorsement.


Anonymous said...

Interesting, very interesting. To declare lack of knowledge about what your supporters are doing and claim you can not control them is one of the oldest campaign tricks in the book.

It's a double denial to try to claim someone who is obviously a supporter is not an "official" supporter. I guess that means Kay doesn't count?

I also know he reads the blogs, without a doubt.

This is a very interesting and revealing reaction.

anonymous #1

Anonymous said...

I can say without a doubt Ken Hall is being dishonest when he says he does not know who is saying what on the blogs. He pays close attention and encourages his supporters to keep on blogging. I should know I used to be one of those supporters until I figured out Kay was trying to use me to spread lies (on the blogs) about McReynolds. Anon2

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 2, it sounds like you and I have much in common. I'm sure we probably know each other.

It's no secret that Ken Hall keeps up on the blogs. I am not impressed that he claimed to know nothing.

anonymous #1

jack said...

Hey Denis, I know you're fighting for truth, justice and the American way here, but, quite honestly, you're better than this.

I've read Kay's blog and my advice would be not to let yourself get mired down in the muck.

You're so good at ferreting out facts and presenting them from an analytical standpoint...this seems more like a soap opera and not your style.

Should Ken Hall disavow this Kay person? He would if he subscribes to the same scruples you and I do...perhaps he doesn't.

why not spend your energy disproving the lies instead of trying to disprove the liar. There's an impressive post at the Dem's old website where Sandra does just that.

Denis Navratil said...

You have a point Jack and I was just about done with this subject. But I think it is one of the issues. If a person runs on a good government/open government platform, scrutinizing phone records, mileage reimbursement forms, questioning the ethics etc... of an opponent, yet is silent when his most vocal supporter is slinging cheap shots and telling repulsive jokes about Christians, then it might tell us something about said candidate. And I am not happy about this. I am disappointed in Ken and a bit surprised that he has decided to look the other way while his supporter(s?) behave in a most unfortunate manner. But I am ready to move on to other subjects. Thanks for your comments Jack.

Anonymous said...

I guess when you truly have no platform to offer the voters (disk golf doesn't count) and you allow your bloggers to disparage the oppostion and then claim to have no knowledge. Why would anyone want that kind of leadership in the county exec's office?

Anon #3

Anonymous said...

It would be interesting for the J-T to try some investigative reporting into the role that the Progressive Majority of Wisconsin (and PM-Burlington) is playing in this race and what is their true agenda?

Anon #3

Anonymous said...

I think it is rather funny...and very telling that Kay seems to never have anyone comment on her blog. Probably because no one reads it.