Monday, April 21, 2008

HSA Attack

I have a health savings account. For those unfamiliar with HSA's, it is a tax deductable and high deductible health insurance plan. It saves me thousands of dollars every year and is available to me because I own a business. It should be available to everyone, only the political left does not want it to happen.

I recently learned from a Wall Street Journal article that the House has passed legislation that would require me to check with some new government bureaucracy every time I needed to withdraw money from my account. In theory, this would prevent me from using my tax deductable health account money on a new Ipod or an oil change.

In reality, this proposed law would needlessly expand government while making the easy-to-use HSA's a real headache. Keep in mind that my HSA activity is already subject to an audit, so creating a new enforcement bureau would be redundant.

HSA's are a partial answer to growing health care costs. Democrats don't like them because, well, it is a free market solution and it is a step away from socialized medicine.

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