Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Teaching Leftism at Horlick

Horlick High School has apparently designated April 25th as The Day of Silence "to protest the anti-lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender bullying" according to a letter written to the Journal Times. "Participants are asked to take a vow of silence to represent the silence faced by LGBT every day."

The notion that gay activists have been silenced is a highly dubious claim. The fact that gay activists have infiltrated our public schools and are shaping curriculum suggests political power, not silence.

My point here is not to suggest that gay people are entirely safe from bullying. Rather, it is that Horlick is pushing a leftist activist agenda upon students. They are indoctrinating your children.

If you think I am mistaken, try to imagine a Horlick sponsored Day of Silence to protest the voices silenced forever by abortion.


Caledonication said...

You make a good argument in your last sentence. However, you must remember, fetuses only have rights when they are murdered "against" the mother's will.

When did bullying become a LGBT specific issue?

Discriminator said...
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Discriminator said...

I meant - it teaches them to act or at least FAKE normality.

Fair Play said...

Denis...are you pro-life?

I actually don't mind the "DOS" but if there is a political agenda at play that would bother me, because I don't see homosexuality as a liberal or conservative issue.

Urban Pioneer said...

How about having the Day of Silence on a non School day?? Any Student that doesn't participate in the Educational process, because of a silly protest day, should be downgraded for refusal to participate. Further I would make it a point to ask questions to students involved in these protests, to point out the inanity.
I can imagine me or my staff not answering the phones, or responding to customers because we are having a self-indulgent feel good protest day!
Have your silent protest on your day off!......Wait.... maybe... we could close school's one day for every stupid protest that comes along, after ten closed days we could save $500.00 per student, per year and then maybe balance the school budget!!! Elimintate the need for Tax refferendum's, lower property taxes, improve our economy, test scores would rise, less teachers would need to be hired, O.M.G. I think I have found the SOLUTION TO OUR education WOES!!!! Shut-up and CLOSE!

Denis Navratil said...

fair play, yes I am pro-life. When I think of the abortion issue in an entirely secular manner, I conclude that the matter growing inside of the pregnant woman is in fact a human life. I likewise conclude that the right to life trumps privacy rights.

Re the gay activist agenda, I think it is quite liberal. But if the issue is simply protecting the gay community from bullying, then I would agree that it is neither liberal or conservative. But is gay bullying a big problem in Racine? I know many gay people and I regularly read the newspaper and I have not heard of any people being assualted, bullied etc... because of their orientation.

Fair Play said...

I would guess much of the bullying that happens in school goes unreported, so I am not sure you would read about it in the newspapers.