Monday, June 16, 2008

Good Deed Punished

Sorry for the lack of postings of late. I was out of town, working, and with little time to muse about the events of the day.

So I was parking my car the other day when I noticed a woman and her child apparently waiting for me to exit my vehicle. They said they were hungry and asked if I would buy them some food. I was about to buy some food for myself anyway and I will always try to honor a request for food, so I said yes. Then it started to get complicated.

I was in a hurry to get home after several days on the road and they were being very indecisive about what they wanted to eat. After some time they made a decision. They wanted enough food to feed the neighbors, or so it seemed. So I set some limits on quantity and waited until the food arrived.

And in the end, no thank you's from mom or child. Just pure entitlement. Oh, and a request for bus fare.


Caledonication said...


smallgovsam said...

I would have stiffed them. Handouts create no wealth, it simply redistributes resources.

When I give to charity (which capitalists often do), I prefer to give to NGOs and poverty relief programs in the developing world rather than governments or individuals. People who know what "poverty" really means merit not merely our benevolent sympathies but also our financial investment and assistance. (They appear to be more grateful as well.)

Discriminator said...

LOL!! You know the saying - "A fool and his money are soon parted" right? Well christian charity is foolish. Do you think if they had thanked you that would mean you were not scammed and thus somehow not a fool? Smarter scam artists would have thanked you since that is all it takes with gullible folks.

You did not "do" a good deed at all but rather a bad or foolish deed. For the rational what is good is of benefit to me and or mine, and what is bad or evil is of harm to me and or mine. Obviously it is a matter of perspective often with there often being no universal (common)good or bad. What is good for me (as in destroying enemies bent on doing the same to me) is often bad for others - especially enemies. It is usually good for me when I win in a competition but bad for my opponent. So since your deed was bad for you (less cash) and good for those that intend you harm (the scammers involved)it was a bad deed and a foolish one as well. I know most are infected with christ insanity and thus see good and bad the opposite and in an irrational way. For most good is that which is of no benefit (selfless or better yet otherish)to self or loved ones and it is considered even more righteous for the person engaged in the deeds if it harms the one doing the deeds. Then bad , or evil for most folks is often that which is of benefit to self and loved ones (selfish). Yes christ insanity is chock full of advice like that about good and bad and loving those that want to harm you which is ideal advice for ones enemies to follow. It was created by our worst enemy (the so called chosen ones) and promoted by them to our folk.

So you are most always prone to feed folks that ask? Thus you acknowledge you are a highly gullible fool. Rational charity is reserved for ONLY those that are worthy of it or at least in some way connected to the giver - family - extended family to include race. Rational charity benefits the giver and receiver. Rational charity is usually a person to person activity with both parties knowing each other and of the same folk. Charity through a middle man organization or Gov. is usually either a waste of money or worst money spent that in direct or indirect ways harms the giver. You had the person to person part right but you gave to those unworthy of your help. What reason did you have to think they were deserving of help? Likely none, but you being infected with christ insanity and thus gullible and foolish gave just because they asked and might have really been hungry (of NO concern by itself to the rational). I suspect you have not learned and will not grow wiser from this experience. Most folks grow in stupidity as they age since they are exposed to more and more destructive propaganda and indoctrination over time and their natural healthy instincts are more and more perverted over time. Folks like me (under 3% of the population) grow wiser with time.

bloodtestreview said...

Those who give often remain anonymous, and it seems a bit jaded to do a blog post on your generosity.

It paints a broad generalization on poor people.

I don't expect a thank you in return. Quite frankly, I wouldn't be surprised if after I got them the food they threw a rock through my window. At some point, you would find someone eternally grateful for your generosity. It appears you were unlucky.

Although I disagree with you on almost everything, I appreciate your calm viewpoint.