Monday, June 02, 2008

On Correlation, Causation, and Culture

I think it is time for another discussion of the differences between correlation and causation. In Racine there is an unfortunate correlation between dark skin and poor academic achievement. And unfortunately, some have no doubt concluded that the former causes the latter. Not so.

So what is the cause of the academic failings among Racine's black students? In my view, there are two primary causes. First, there is a subculture in Racine and elsewhere that infects many in the black community. This defeatist subculture glorifies violence and misogyny, rejects academic achievement and blames the larger society for the inevitable failures. Second, there are educators, most of whom know full well that there are cultural problems that are brought into the classroom, but they can't act accordingly toward their students. Why? Because teachers are silenced by their own liberal philosophy of multiculturalism, wherein all cultures are to be equally valued and validated. Rather than challenge the harmful culture that results in failure, teachers instead join forces with said subculture and blame the larger society for all the problems.

So for a black child to succeed in Racine, he may well have to reject the culture of the neighborhood and reject the enabling attitude of his teachers. Good luck with that kids!


Michael Gibson said...

This is, unfortunately, very true. Their culture rejects education, yet claims that the system is keeping them down.Everyone knows that if you don't go to high school and get a diploma, then you won't get a good job. There may be a degree to which racism exists, but not so much so that it should stop an African-American from prospering. Everyone has the same educational opportunities; unfortunately, they don't all make the same decisions.

Anonymous said...

As a leftist, I largely agree with your assessment. I would add, however, the breakdown of the familial unit in african-american(hell,families as a whole) and the deindustrialization of much of the midwest. I think these can be added to the litany of reasons why Racine and many other cities have an issue with poverty.

I completely agree with you about multiculturalism. I have no issues with teaching children about different cultures and the affect these cultures have had on literature, history, etc. The issue becomes when one substitutes cultural relativism for multiculturalism. In my experience, sloppy educators don't know the difference between multiculturalism and cultural relativism.

I was briefly in an education program as an undergraduate, and I remember the teachers preaching about Howard Gardner's 7 Intelligences Theory. From what I remember of this theory, there were 7 different types of intelligence that were all roughly equal. For example, someone who was athletic had "kinetic" intelligence. To me, this is muddleheaded egalitarianism of the worse sort.

Denis Navratil said...

We are in agreement Michael? Even the part about the complicity of teachers?

But I won't dwell on that. Michael, what is to be done to improve the academic performance of black students? Any ideas?

I think we need to challenge their self defeating philosophy at every turn. Teachers obviously need to be at the forefront.

Denis Navratil said...

anon, thanks for your comments. I would agree that family breakdown and deindustrialization are factors that contribute to poverty. But they need not contribute to academic failure.

Anyway, I find it interesting that there is agreement now from two leftists. We know that the vast majority of public school teachers are leftists and are perpetuating this problem by failing to challenge the philosophical underpinnings of the ghetto subculture. If you agree that a leftist philosophy is contributing to harm done to black children, why are you leftists? Perhaps some leftists who actually care about what happens to children can join me in challenging the education system. Thanks for your comments.

Anonymous said...

family breakdown is I think the bigest issue here, along with the idea that the State can take care of us all.
Interesting to note that the one intact black family on my block son graduated with honors from RUSD joined the Air Force as an enlisted man and now is in a OCS program.
Not the color of your skin it is family that plays a major role.

Anonymous said...

It is indeed race that causes the poor educational performance. There is no such thing as a human race despite the mindless slogans that folks parrot. There is a human species that like all species of plants and animals is divided into competing sub-species. We call the sub-species of humans - races. Some traits are indeed genetic and can't be greatly altered by upbringing. Not all sub-species of horses are as fast and the shorter smaller sub-species can never be taught to beat the best sub-species (in terms of speed)in a race. A pit bull and a poodle are not equal in size and strength nor temperament and nothing can be done to change that. Chickens and eagles are both birds but not equal in terms of flight, sight or as predators. Negroid tribes that have had little help and or influence from Caucasoids are stone age by nature and never advance beyond that level on their own and even when helped when that help is withdrawn the revert to their natural ways. Even when helped to the max negroids as a whole can never attain a level anywhere near that of White people. They are closer to the apes than they are to the highly civilized White man. A new tribe was just discovered in Africa last month. They live as Caucasoids did tens of thousands of years ago. No domestication, no use of metals, no wheel, no advancements beyond the cave man level. Study after study has been done on race and IQ that proves negroids are at the bottom wrung of the ladder when it comes to intelligence. The average negroid IQ is 69 and the average mulatto IQ in the US is 80 while the average Caucasoid IQ is 80. It is not possible to get negroids or mulatto's to achieve academically at the level of Caucasoids or Mongoloids. It is the norm, average, and odds that matter rather than the rare exceptions that folks sometimes like to focus on. There is nothing wrong with the schools or neighborhoods that "black" people live in. The problem is the PEOPLE! Every "black" area is a "bad" slum area. Every "black" school is a bad school. Sending them to good White schools via vouchers/school choice - only worsens those White schools. The problems with crime, poverty, culture and broken homes are mainly a result of race.

Discriminator said...

I meant that the average Caucasoid IQ is around 100.

Anonymous said...

Adolph, you forgot the part about the Aryan white people being superior to the rest of us. Give us some stats on the superior performance of blue eyed/blond haired white people compared to the dark haired/dark eyed white people.

It would be interesting to see the above poster take an IQ test. Please tell me that the post was really tongue-in-cheek and I fell for it?

PS - Just curious, where does the Asian race fall in the IQ average comparison?

Michael Gibson said...

Anon 3:22 is taking a real problem and making a joke of it. Or maybe he's serious. Either way, It would be nice to see people keep the comments on this post non-racist and serious. I am interested to see people's thoughts.

I agree that family life is a major component of the problem. But it takes a community to raise a child. So now, not only can the family be a bad influence to a child, but so can the surrounding environment.

Anonymous said...

Complicity of the teachers should not be an automatic causal argument for social ills. Teachers are doing a job that has rules and guidelines that are not all of their own chosing. School boards and prevailing social attitudes play just as important a role in dictating the behavior of the teacher. Good communities usually have good schools, bad communities rarely have good schools.

Denis Navratil said...

anon 6:05, if teachers are operating under rules not of their own chosing, they, having extraordinary political power, are well positioned to change the rules to their liking. Or at least propose rules changes. They do neither, which suggests to me that they like the rules just as they are, and they also want to complain about them as well.

Anonymous said...

Teacher's Unions did not support vouchers nor "No Child Left Behind", political power? You missed the most important element of my original comment, school boards. School boards are elected locally and hold the tenure of a teacher in their power. Are you suggesting that teachers should confront the school board regularly? That is not a smart way to protect your career. I can already picture your rebuttle that teachers need to blah blah blah. People are trying to work for a living and don't need to put their careers in jeopardy to stay on the right side of a political debate. We don't ask the same level of commitment from employees in other industries. It the children who are hurt so maybe it should be the children's parents who organize..

smallgovsam said...

Although a negative subculture and family breakdown have compounded to yield pitiful test scores, I opine that the most damaging aspect of education is government interference.

One need look no further than the Former Soviet Union. Firms constantly ran deficits, often while churning out inferior goods or completing terrible services. Without price signals to respond to and monopoly power firmly held, the firms performed poorly. Schools are no different.

A voucher system would not only assuage the evils of cultural backwardness, but also improve the quality of the product, i.e., the kids via competition.

Why are the kid’s failing? Schools. Why are schools failing? They simply have no incentive to succeed.

Discriminator said...

I was very serious. Everything I posted was factual. It is not possible to have a conversation about race without being racist (by the original definition still used in some dictionaries). I know that when it comes to words like discrimination, judge, racism, skeptic, generalize, and stereotype most are very confused about the definitions. Since the controlled media most always uses those terms in a negative way the stupid masses assume those words mean
bad" or "evil". So people will say i do not discriminate (meaning I am not "bad") I just am choosey. lol - Or I am not racist but I advocate for the interests of my people. - Or - I am not a skeptic I just doubt things until there is some proof. My point is the topic was about race (racist) thus I had to be racist to respond. Does anyone doubt any of the obvious facts I listed. My IQ is 138 by the Standard Binet (gender normed ) IQ test. It was 156 years ago when I was able to find a non-gender normed (real) IQ test.

Discriminator said...


• noun 1 the belief that there are characteristics, abilities, or qualities specific to each race.
• noun 2 the belief that racial traits are genetic.

The definitions of many words that are important to understand have been changed. First the controlled media and miseducation systems work to pervert folks perceptions and or create false perceptions about the meanings of words that relate to crucial topics (by using the words wrongly) and then later they change the definitions in dictionaries to have them reflect the false perceptions they have created among the masses.

That is done with history (changing the facts to fit the agenda in history books) as well. It is like the book 1984 and the memory hole. I am a book collector. It is interesting and educational to read older books on subjects that political correctness has polluted today.

Compare what was written at the time of an event to toady's version. The truth in many areas is no longer permitted to be printed and made available to the masses.

A great example of this is Mike King (known as Dr. Martin Luther King but he was born and died Mike King, was not an ordained Reverend and did not have a legitimate doctorate) and the so called "Civil Rights Era". That was a time when the constitutional guaranteed rights of White people (especially White males) were taken away and special unconstitutional treatment was given to non-Whites and women.

Our historically White neighborhoods, schools, businesses, and clubs were destroyed though other races still have those things. Our right to serve whom we choose or choose not to serve was taken away. Our right to freedom of association was taken. Our right to control the fruits of our labor was taken. Even our right to sell our property to whom we choose or choose not to sell based on OUR reasons was also taken from us.

Mike King brought violence everywhere he went. He worked with communists and was trained from them in tactics to promote violence, riots etc.. and with the help of the media blame the police when they move in to restore order.

Yes read older books from your library before they are all destroyed as is slowly being done so there will be no publicly available accurate records of the truth. Books published before the 1960's (some even in the 60's are good) are best since Jewish control of all media to include publishing was not compete then. The older the book the better.

There are many books (over the decades)that look into research and studies on race and how that impacts educational performance. The ONLY mainstream book in the last 30 or 40 years that deals with the subject somewhat honestly is "The Bell Curve".

I was not talking about skin color - but rather race. The skin color approach is just another tactic to confuse people about race. Race is to the core and in every cell the racial DNA is present. It is not just skin deep as the mindless slogans say. Skin color is just one aspect of race. Yes we all bleed red as the mindless ones say but so what? So do rats.

Anonymous said...

As a 'flaming' ideologue from the Chicago School of ideology, your observations are filtered thru a distorted belief of reality.

Thus, it is hard to believe that anything you say is based in reality.