Wednesday, June 04, 2008

KRM, Partisanship, and Magic

The Racine Journal Times paraphrases RAMAC President Roger Caron on the KRM issue as follows: "politicians must drop partisan politics, vote to invest in transportation infrastructure and not use the excuse that constituants might object."

Interesting. So voting for a massive government transportation program is considered non-partisan while objecting to it would be partisan? The partisan objection would be conservative presumably, so wouldn't support for KRM be considered partisan and liberal?

Also, why shouldn't politicians consider the concerns and or objections of constituants? Caron obviously wants politicians to listen to his ideas.

Also in the article, it is apparent that Mayor Becker would like to take on the responsibilty for Milwaukee's transportation mess and is eager to raise the sales tax to the maximum currently allowed by law, as this is apparently the only "magic" remedy. Yes, he used the word magic. It is only politicians who can use magic to make money appear. The rest of us have to work for it.


Anonymous said...

KRM will not be the people mover that Becker and others think. Nor have they addressed the funding even a hike on Sales Tax will NOT pay for this white elephant.

Anonymous said...

But they DO envision the workers, contracts and graft dumping millions into the friends and family program in the area to build the thing. Notice the recent article about the Oak Creek plant workers spending money around here. Coal plant bad - money spent by workers good. KRM good - money spent pursuing KRM (in addition to the $1 million or so of taxpayer money already spent lobbying for it) even better!

Urban Pioneer said...

Denis, I see we noticed the same thing in the article! How dare we peon's get in the way of what the Govt. knows is good for us.

Here is one of my posts on the issue:
Several items come to mind.

First George thanx for pointing to that NY Times article. I had heard it reported, but was unsure of the source. It makes several points which scream for attention. First: "Typically, mass transit systems rely on fares to cover about a third of their costs, so they depend on sales taxes and other government funding."
So if that is true the first thing we should do is RAISE fares...A lot! If the systems start to MAKE money, and no longer need subsidies to survive, then I would think Mass Transit is great.
Second; Just last year Illinois had to come up with a huge bail-out for the system in greater Chicago, and avoid closing lines. If with higher gas prices, it starts to turn things around, and MAKES money, then METRA will look to expand it's customer base, by extending it's reach, It could even extend the Kenosha line a few miles into Racine or Sturtevant and see if that adds riders and revenue...If so I am sure a few years later METRA will want to see if it can add more riders by extending to Milwaukee. or in reverse, perhaps Milwaukee can or will extend some of it's express limo lines into Racine county, with special fares and service tailored to our needs, and its PROFITABILITY. After determining if it is profitable to run a commuter rail, or Lite rail line into our city.
We have the Stations, and the rails, so all we have to do is wait for someone to run a train to us!!
Just wait and the MARKET demand will bring the rail to us. at NO COST to the Racine tax payer.
Rather than if u build it they will come....let's let the high price of fuel create demand, and they will build because we're here.
Look u can not realistically build rail extension to Chicago or Milwaukee with out going thru RACINE!! You just can't!!
WE don't have to pay a dime for it!! And when they build it lets make sure it connects to O'Hare and Milw airports. To not do so is ignorant! The plan on the books doesn't go to either place. More people will utilize a Airport connection than downtown Racine, to Downtown Milwaukee/ Chicago, and furthermore imagine the ability of the airports to use this rail line for dealing with airport traffic control, and meltdowns in air service.
For those who see an expanded network of rail, it will be built around us and thru us. We can wait for them to come to us.
How about this attitude from Roger Caron: "Caron said politicians must drop partisan politics, vote to invest in transportation infrastructure and not use the excuse that constituents might object."
Caron thinks the politicians we elected to represent our views should just tell us to shut up and take it!
Rep. VOS, thanks for blocking this huge waste of money. I know the KRM system is inevitable, but as I said We the Racine County and City tax-payers don't have to pay for it!! We can pay for it when we ride it.
Finally the NY Times article referred to above celebrates the increased ridership, but still bemoans the loss of money on the various transit systems. Imagine how expensive it will be for an Empty, rail system, which is what is being proposed now!
Build the Freeway, and maybe even extend 794 to the northside of Racine, and even further South. That'll help Racinians get to work in Milwaukee, and give Milwaukians access to our area.

Sorry you know how wordy I can get. LOL

Anonymous said...

Caron's statement takes a lot of gall. It just shows you that he is spending more time on the golf course than walking the streets of Racine.

Anonymous said...

Stupid citizems, I Caron the great know what is best for you.

Now, shut your uninformed pie-holes and pay me my tribute.

Anonymous said...

So far Caron has not been right on anything. RAMAC took up education and brought in Hicks'.


Caron and RAMAC, who I would think be the banner carrier for bringing in business actually has a shrinking membership.


Now after failing at their two major initiatives, they tackle regional mass transportation.

Another BAD IDEA!!!

Roger, why don't you stick to things you are suppose to be good at.

Owe yeah, that's nothing, and you do a damn good job at it!

Thanks to Becker and Caron, Racine will continue to throw bad money after good, and Racine really will become a ghost town.

Last one out, please turn out the lights!

Anonymous said...

1)There is now a Smart Car dealership right next to the Hummer dealership on the northwest side of Milwaukee
2) GM is scaling way-back on large passenger truck manufacturing
3) Okay, let's widen the freeway, but without any public funds?

Caron is advocating for a cause, albeit ineffectively, but in the current and projected economic/energy environments your arguments against commuter rail in a corridor between two major cities during a period of rising energy costs hardly counters his cause.

Denis Navratil said...

anon 8:22, my objective with this post was not to demonstrate that KRM is a bad idea, though I think it is. Rather it was to demonstrate that advocacy for KRM is a partisan activity, that politicians should not be ridiculed for listening to the concerns of their constituents, and that money doesn't appear magically.

Anonymous said...

I have just a couple of questions about KRM. What is the difference with KRM and Amtrack? Amtrack goes from Milwaukee to Chicago and has a stop in Racine. One difference is that Amtrack does not stop in Kenosha. Lets build Kenosha a stop and then we have the same service. The station at its present location is closer to jobs than if it was in City of Racine proper. One thing I wish Racine had was a better / faster route to Milwaukee. One thing that could be done is make 38 wider (and no stops and Husher)and connect it to 794. That connection is less than 2 miles. My other thought is why should KRM go into Milwaukee at the train station, if I want to get drunk or gamble (Gee....ya think the tribe wants this?)that is the only reason to get off the train there. If the tribe wants this so bad they can pay for it...its not like they don't have the money.

Anonymous said...

Jimmy Carter can forever be seen as a prophet that was trashed by the righties of corporate america, as his direction autos, energy, and environment, were the proper directives.

The right has put us where we are today - behind the modern world by 25 years.

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