Monday, July 07, 2008

Mysterious Illness

I know several people who work for Midwest Express, and I am concerned for their well being. It seems that many employees, especially those who have accumulated many unused sick days, have been afflicted lately with unspecified symptoms that renders them unable to work. The illnesses have somehow spared newer employees that don't have any sick days. Quick, someone call the CDC.


Caledonia Unplugged said...

Yeap, It's called...abouttobefireditis!

Anonymous said...

Yes if I was working for Midwest Express I would be burning what leave I have coming. The Company has shown that they do not care about there workers. BTW this was all predicted by the "evil" Air tran.
Midwest has dug a hole I think they can not get out of.

Denis Navratil said...

anon, sick days are for when you are sick. If you use them when you are not sick, you are defrauding your employer.